A Few Health Issues Women May Suffer in Their 30s
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A Few Health Issues Women May Suffer in Their 30s

The biology of the feminine body is a little complex.

Medical science states that. Since the structure, a few organs and, of course, the hormonal type and nature of women are different, feminine health issues are specific, and they can happen at any point in time.

However, most commonly, a woman starts suffering mild, moderate or, in some cases, extreme illness when she reaches 30 and gets older.

Yes, we would not like to focus on the diseases likely for elderly women to suffer. It is because many of those ailments are similar to men’s. Besides, they are characterised by age and not gender.

Usually, the female body goes through hormonal, physical and psychological changes post-30. You can suffer no certain problems but chronic conditions. Your muscles and bones can get weaker. You may experience mood swings more often than you had them in your 20s or your 25 years of age.

Here’s the good news.

If you maintain a healthy life with a healthy diet, chances are you will likely be fit and fine in your 30s.

However, being under medical observation is always a good choice when you are 30.

For that, women need to be conscious of the diseases that can happen to them at this age. Read this post till the end to learn about them.

What Ailments Are We Looking at in a Woman at 30s/ Post 30?

Regular visits to GP are a must. You should do that at any age and not because you are 30, or you’re older than 30, or you’ve just turned 30.

Speaking to doctors or surgeons about preventing a major illness at its initial phase is always a good idea. Not only can you safeguard your health for that, but you might be able to save considerable amounts of money too. For urgent funding, you can speak to private money lenders in the UK because, in that way, you are still paying less.

With that being said, let us get into the main topic and find out about the diseases that might trouble you in your 30s.

  • The Obvious: Ailments Related to Bone Decaying
  • Diabetes, or High Blood Pressure or Both
  • Heart/ Cardiac Issues
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Kidney Stones?
  • Sexual Ailments
  • Hair Loss
  • Stress and Depression
  • Vision Problems
  • Breast and Ovarian Problems

Without further ado, let us learn about these ailments in detail:

1. The Obvious: Ailments Related to Bone Decaying

Between the 30s to the 60s, the bone density in a woman’s body is reduced. This results from hormonal changes, psychological factors, stress and lack of exercise.

Reports have prominently found low Vitamin D levels in the body, and insufficient calcium in the diet leads to this problem.

These issues can lead to some major bone diseases, such as:

  • Fracture
  • Cracks in Bones
  • Moderate to Severe Back Pain
  • Wrist problems (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis

Taking Calcium and Vitamin D supplements can help. But, always do so under the guidance of a trained physician.

2.  Diabetes, or High Blood Pressure or Both

Women under 30 are getting diagnosed with Diabetes.

That’s an alarming thing. Although a sedentary lifestyle and a lot of stress result from this, it is also true that women in their 30s or older can develop Type 2 Diabetes for physiological, dietary, psychological, hormonal, genetic or lifestyle-related causes.

The same goes with heart ailments too. Stress, overthinking; lack of sleep; sedentary work, no exercise, and anxiety issues with major physiological and psychological changes trigger hypertension in certain women.

Some patients suffer both problems at the same time.

3.  Heart/ Cardiac Issues

Hypertension and diabetes can cause heart problems. If they are troubling you both, then you need to think of your heart health more than anyone.

It is estimated that heart disease has been found to be the topmost reason for death in women. A study reported 31% of women had heart attacks between the age of 35 to 54. That is a significant number.

Heart ailments are also developed when you undergo severe psychological trauma or pressure. Chronic mental stress can develop heart ailments at any point in time. Single mothers are often found victims of these causes.

If you need to get heart surgery, don’t delay it. Get quick money from your friends or neighbours, or take a single mother loan instead to fund your surgery. You can pay back the money later. First, do what’s important for you.

4.  Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTIs are most common for women than men. Due to unsanitary practices and an unhealthy lifestyle, particularly eating contaminated food or beverages and not cleaning/ sanitising the genitals or wearing unwashed undergarments for long, UTI can trouble you.

It is not a major ailment. But it is quite painful.

Apart from that, doctors have identified low estrogen levels to be the culprit.

Along with that, the local flora and pH changes in the vaginal area of a woman in their 30s. This can contribute to UTIs.

5.  Kidney Stones?

Did you know that a ketogenic or keto diet or tea/ coffee consumption at an excessive rate can contribute to kidney stones?

Well, the primary reason for this is the lack of drinking ample water. Besides that, drinking cola; coffee; tea and certain other food products beyond the limit can cause this painful ailment.

Although it is a problem in a more generalised sense, women may suffer this due to a group of changes happening together in the body.

Better be careful!

6. Sexual Ailments

The sex lives of women don’t end in their 30s. However, it can be problematic to experience it the way they did in their younger days.

Besides, the pelvic muscles get weaker at this age, which means women may have trouble having sex with their partners.

Some common sexual problems include:

  • Low fertility
  • Incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Weakening pelvic floor muscles
  • Low libido

There might be many other problems involved. Do visit a gynaecologist or any specialist focusing on treatment procedures for the said problems.

7. Hair Loss

Although this is a common problem with men, too, doctors have discovered low estrogen levels to be the reason.

 The hair also loses its shine in the 30s. However, you must keep in mind that’s normal. But if you suffer major hair loss, it is time to visit a GP.

8.  Stress and Depression

There are many causes of depression in women in their 30s (and older), and they are noted below:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor income
  • Being a single mother
  • Chronic Stress
  • Isolated lifestyle without friends or family
  • Not being married and not having kids
  • Anger issues
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Other diseases

You must make a serious statement that depression and anxiety are the dominant problems of women not in their 30s but also at any age. If you do feel depressed, please seek help from friends, family, spouse, support groups or doctors.

9.  Vision Problems

Although eye issues or vision problems are not very common in the 30s, some women do have vision impairment issues. Others might suffer from vision problems due to complications that happened in their childhood or diseases that came out as a problem caused by genetic disorders.

Keeping close contact with your ophthalmologist can solve these matters in easier ways.

10. Breast and Ovarian Problems

It is natural to suffer some breast and ovarian diseases at 30 or older.

An unhealthy and unclean lifestyle can cause these problems.

Not being a mother by the 30s; being overweight; a really poor diet with lots of fat and refined sugar content; unclean or unsanitary practices; lack of exercise; sex without protection; some sexual habits like oral sex; lack of workouts; deficiency of Vitamin D can increase the chances of breast and ovarian cancer. There might be increased risks of colorectal cancers too.

However, if you keep your health in check and choose a healthy, active lifestyle with good food choices, then you can prevent these diseases.

As mentioned earlier, there are other ailments to the breast and ovary, too, such as infections, which are likely to happen in your 30s because of hormonal changes and a probable fall in the immunity level.

To Conclude: You Might Need to Prepare for Premenopause

You just need to know that the body starts the process of shutting down some hormonal activities because you are approaching your 40s with the 30s, right?

Therefore, these hormonal changes are necessary for the body to prepare you for menopause. However, it might bring some complications along the way, such as the ones you have just read.

You might also have irregular or alternating experiences in your periods.

However, don’t worry. Take yourself to the doctor and have a full body check-up if possible. It will lead you to a health life. You will stay relaxed as you are conscious of your body.

This mental peace will contribute amazingly to preventing all diseases. Have faith in yourself.

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