What Is Codeine Phosphate Used For?
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What Is Codeine Phosphate Tablets Used For?

Codeine phosphate is a prescription medication for pain, cough, and diarrhea. It is also sometimes used to treat anxiety and tension headaches. Codeine works by slowing down the brain and nervous system.

Codeine phosphate is available in tablet, liquid, and rectal suppository forms. It is typically taken every four to six hours as needed for pain or every four hours as needed for cough. The liquid form of this medication should be measured carefully with a special measuring device/spoon. Try not to use a family spoon as you may not get the right portion. The rectal suppository is inserted into the rectum (back passage) where it dissolves and works locally to relieve pain.

Codeine Dosages 

There are different codeine dosages depending on the form of codeine you are taking. Codeine is available in tablets, syrup, and injection forms. The usual dose of codeine for pain relief is 10-60 mg every 4-6 hours as needed. The maximum recommended dose of codeine is 360 mg per day. Doses greater than this may increase the risk for serious side effects such as respiratory depression. For cough suppression, the usual dose of codeine is 10-20 mg every 4-6 hours as needed. The maximum recommended dose of codeine for cough suppression is 120 mg per day.

Codeine tablets, syrup, and injections are all available in different strengths. The strength of your medication will determine the appropriate codeine dosage for you. Codeine tablets are available in strengths of 10 mg, 15 mg, and 30 mg. Codeine syrup is available in a strength of 10 mg per 5 mL. Its injections are available in strengths of 10 mg/mL and 100 mg/mL.

When taking codeine, it is essential to follow the dosing instructions provided by your healthcare provider. Do not take more or less codeine than prescribed. Taking too much codeine can lead to serious side effects such as respiratory depression, which can be fatal. If you have any questions about the proper codeine dosage for you, be sure to ask your healthcare provider.

Top 10 Benefits of Codeine

  1. Codeine can help relieve pain and discomfort.
  2. It can help reduce coughing.
  3. Codeine can help treat diarrhea.
  4. This is a relatively safe drug with few side effects.
  5. Codeine is available in both over-the-counter and prescription forms.
  6. Codeine is relatively affordable and easy to find.
  7. It’s a relatively potent drug, so it should be used with caution.
  8. Codeine can be addictive, so it should be used with caution in people with a history of substance abuse.
  9. It can interact with other drugs, so it is important to talk to a healthcare provider before taking it.
  10. Codeine is a relatively safe drug when used as directed, but some risks are still associated with its use.

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