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Know More About Guest Post

Guest posts are the articles published by the author related to different business solutions. The host will provide the stage to publish the article. And, the author will get an external backlink for their own blog.

It aids the credibility to authorship and boosts the traffic on their own website. It also amplifies the brand value.

The articles are of various types which might include:

  • Personal opinions or views for self-promotion
  • Promoting the services offered by the business solutions. It helps to promote the products of the company.
  • Promote the latest technology developed by any technology-driven company

It is a mutually reliable and credible marketing strategy for promoting business solutions.

Guest posts must be plagiarism-free and carry verified links.

Kindly Follow These Guidelines

1. Unpublished and Non-Plagiarized Work

Plagiarized articles are not accepted. Also, do not submit previously published work, it is unethical and it will not process by us.

2. Article or Blog Length Should Be Around 1000 Words

Article length should not be less than 1000 words. Exceptions for the post that have a lot of images or videos will be accepted.

3. Reliable, Unique and Insightful

Publish article(s) which is/are unique, and the audience found it insightful. Articles should reliable and bring uniqueness in it. You can go through our previous posts for reference.

4. Consistent and Error-free

Articles must be written in simple and lucid language with no grammatical errors. Attractive headings and sub-headings will be highly appreciated.

5. No Promotional Content or Links

Do not write any promotional content and not include any such link to promote any product or services.

6. Multiple Dimensional Articles

Articles must open up with multiple opinions. Use facts in your work. Remember our work is to provide information, not diluting them in someone’s favor.

7. Citation of Other’s Work

If you are using others’ work for reference purposes, cite it in your article. We appreciate the individual’s work, so should you. Give credit to others for their work.

8. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Irrelevant keyword stuffing is not allowed. It is an unethical practice. We follow ethical practices in journalism, thus do not allow any such practice.

9. Backlinks for SEO’s

Because backlinks are important for SEO, you are allowed to use them. But you cannot add a promotional link.  You can add a link in between text without deteriorating article quality.

10. Copyright Declaration

By submitting your work with us, we own the copyright of your articles. You cannot submit your work at two places simultaneously. It is unethical and we own all the rights for such Copyright Infringement.

Content Submission Rules

  • Maintain the quality of the posts as the reputation of the blog should remain high.
  • Avoid anything that’s excessively critical of individuals or companies.
  • Your articles must be plagiarism and copyright infringement-free.
  • Your write-up must be at least 1000+ words in length and shouldn’t have inappropriate outbound links.
  • Avoid anything that’s too promotional and inaccurate.
  • Articles should be grammatically correct.
  • We have full rights to edit your content if required.
  • Relevant high-quality images (535 x 415) and videos can be used in the post where ever necessary with sources accredited.
  • 2 Links within the body of the content are allowed.
  • You are allowed to share the articles on various social media platforms or elsewhere with a link back to this site.

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