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Best Air Coolers in India in 2020

Air coolers are practical and eco-accommodating choice to climate control systems. Their value extend is Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 – which is 75% less than an air conditioner.

Probably the best indoor air cooler brands are Symphony, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton and Kenstar. To ensure you buy the correct air cooler, it is essential to think about specific elements…

1. Type, Water Tank and Cooling Capacity

These three variables decide if that specific air cooler is reasonable for your prerequisites. There are various sorts of air coolers like room coolers, tower coolers and desert coolers. In light of type air cooler, water tank and cooling limit fluctuates. The following are the general rules which encourages you pick the correct air cooler for your necessities.

2. Cooling Pads

Honey comb and wood wool are two cooling cushions types. Honey comb cooling cushions give better cooling and they are solid and require less support. But Honey comb cooling cushions are costly. Aspen Wood Wool cooling cushions are prudent yet they are not solid and productive, and require more maintenance.

For detail clarification on the most proficient method to pick an air cooler, we prescribe perusing our “Purchasing GUIDE”.

1. Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

At the point when you are searching for a decent desert cooler to beat the late spring heat, there are not many brands that stick out. One of those brands is the Crompton Ozone 75 Liter, Desert Cooler. On the off chance that you are searching for coolers this year, there are a couple of updates in conventional cooler innovation that you will discover fascinating.

The Crompton Ozone 75 Liter Desert Air Cooler is intended to be a rock solid cooling machine, which looks as nice as a cooler can look and capacities well overall. This specific cooler has the capacity to cool a room/medium-sized corridor of up to 550 sq ft viably. Commonly, one can utilize it in the room. In any case, it functions very well in a front room or corridor.

The Crompton Ozone 75 Liter Desert Air Cooler works best when kept in a region where cross ventilation is accessible. Cross ventilation permits the abundance moistness to get away while holding the cool temperature. As it is a ground-breaking cooler, it tosses cooled air for a separation of up to 52ft. This successful cooling is because of the new honeycomb configuration cooling cushions.

Best Highlights

  • Extra successful cooling because of honeycomb cushions that give better stream and quicker/progressively powerful cooling of air.
  • Incredible hard core cooling ability which guarantees that an enormous room or corridor will be cooled adequately and rapidly.
  • With a proficient power utilization of just 190w every hour, this cooler won’t give you restless evenings over power bills.

Water Limit: 75 liters

Measurements: 61cm by 40.5cm by 120cm.

Warranty: 1 year


  • This cooler gives incredibly compelling cooling
  • It isn’t pricey when contrasted with different coolers in its range


  • The cooler is in no way, shape or form conservative and little
  • The cooler arrives in a restricted assortment of hues

2. Havells Celia 55 Litre Desert Air Cooler

At the point when you’re searching for a pleasant cooler, something stylishly engaging yet powerful, the Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler 55 liters, is the thing that you are searching for. It offers you a scope of highlights that make it helpful for your own utilization. One of those highlights is a remote control that empowers you to change its capacities like you would an AC.

The Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler 55 Liters offers you a quiet cooling experience making it perfect for the room or home use. With the explicitly structured fan innovation, it guarantees incredible cooling quietly. Furthermore, it likewise offers different highlights, for example, completely collapsible louvers, which keep residue and creepy crawlies from entering it, which means lower upkeep.

Overall, owning the Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler 55 Liters offers you an advantageous and pleasurable experience. The Havells Celia Desert cooler is intended to guarantee that you have an incredible client experience. It accompanies the various highlights that one would expect and a couple of something else.

Best Highlights

  1. It gives you the usability because of the remote control office that it accompanies.
  2. 3 side honeycomb cushions to guarantee speediest and best cooling.
  3. Other advantageous highlights incorporate a line winding station, wiping out muddled ropes everywhere, and the auto-fill include/work disposes of the need to physically top off consistently.

Water Limit: 55 Liters

Measurements: 66cm by 51cm by 111.5cm

Warranty: 1 year home help and fixes


  • Factually, it has a high client rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 217,877 clients.
  • It accompanies a 1-year guarantee


  • It isn’t the least expensive cooler accessible in its range
  • It takes up a touch of room because of its 55-liter ability

3. Symphony Siesta 70 Litre Air Cooler

In case you’re searching for a cooler that gives you the ideal cool condition, at that point the Siesta 70 Liters Air Cooler is what you’re searching for. The cooler gives you fantastic cooling conveyance that makes certain to meet your home needs this mid year. The cooler can viably cool 370sq ft of room and is perfect for a little corridor or huge room, for example, a parlor.

A portion of the highlights that might hold any importance with you are the 16 ” fan size, extraordinarily structured barbecues to upgrade wind current, casters to move it around effectively, and great stylish intrigue that makes it a pleasure to take a gander at moreover. These are exceptionally significant highlights to consider when you intend to buy a cooler this late spring.

The cooler additionally gives you lovely tasteful intrigue, making it perfect for home use. Generally, coolers were known to be lumbering, terrible, and loud. Every one of these blemishes have been discarded in the Symphony Siesta 70 Ltr Air cooler. Furthermore, you will likewise take note of that the manufacture nature of the item is brilliant, and leaves no space to grumble.

Best Highlights

  • The cooler is made of superb quality materials, and the fit and finish are phenomenal.
  • It is solid/tough and doesn’t breakdown or have specialized issues no problem at all
  • It is reasonable and cools adequately.

Water Limit: 70 Liters

Measurements: 61.8cm by 50.5cm by 111.5 cm

Warranty: 1 year


  • The cooler cools effectively and rapidly
  • It is seriously estimated at its cost go


  • It doesn’t accompany a remote control highlight
  • It isn’t smaller and little inferable from its 70-liter size

4. Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Litre Air Cooler

In case you’re perusing around searching for an incentive for cash, great quality cooler, at that point the Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50 Liter Air Cooler is the one you need. The explanation we can be guaranteed about the quality is on the grounds that it is made by Orient (a settled brand in India.). Also, this is a convenient and cooler with a long life attributable to all the more likely form quality.

This cooler is appropriate for temperatures in dry atmospheres that extend from 35 degrees to more than 50 degrees. It very well may be utilized adequately in medium-sized rooms to huge rooms. The Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Liter Air Cooler is appropriate for outside use likewise, for example, on the patio or in one’s lawn, and so on. The essential cooling technique for the cooler is with a solid/decent quality fan that doesn’t make a lot of clamor.

The ease of use/reasonableness of the Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Liter Air Cooler for flexible situations settles on it an entirely appropriate decision. Its proficient structure, great form quality and value range, and highlights, for example, auto-fill, makes it an incredible incentive for cash speculation.

Best Highlights

  • It isn’t overwhelming on power and accordingly, won’t cause you immense power bills
  • Its 50-liter limit and sturdy body makes it the ideal cooler for home use or office use
  • Its movability empowers you to utilize it at numerous areas

Water Limit: 50 Liter

Measurements: 55cm by 53 cm by 68cm

Warranty: 1 year


  • The cooler isn’t over the top expensive and offers great incentive for cash
  • The nature of the cooler is additionally guaranteed as it is a result of Orient
  • It devours just 230 watts of power


  • It isn’t furnished with casters
  • It doesn’t have any type of remain with it, which would make it significantly increasingly advantageous to utilize

5. Voltas 70 Litre Desert Cooler

A cooler like the Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70, 70 L bodes well for various reasons. It offers you item quality from a guaranteed name Tata. It may not be the least expensive one available, as it is anything but a low-quality item. This cooler made by Tata has a great fit and finish and is made of high caliber and strong materials for a long difficulty free assistance life.

The Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70, 70 L has an extremely high client rating, with most clients positioning it as a 100% item. Furthermore, it offers the client quality and finish that obviously exhibits to the onlooker its worth. The structure is smooth/rich and its outfitted with a trolley, empowering mobility just as range from the floor. It has a turbo fan cooling framework guaranteeing an amazing measure of air for successful cooling and is furnished with honeycomb cooling cushions.

The Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70, 70 L is a great item intended for the individuals who search for and acknowledge quality and strength. There is no uncertainty with respect to the completion of the item and its administration life capacities. It isn’t the least expensive one available, and its essential qualities are its confirmation of value and its general tasteful intrigue because of the fine completion.

Best Highlights

  • The Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70, 70 L offers astounding cooling with its turbo fan
  • Reasonable for huge rooms and medium-sized lobbies
  • Fantastic tasteful intrigue because of its top notch materials

Water Limit: 70 Liters

Measurements: 65cm by 96.5cm by 51cm

Warranty: 1 year


  • The high caliber of this item guarantees it will keep going quite a while
  • It will give you a difficulty free and wonderful client experience


  • The item is costly for certain clients
  • The shading decision may give off an impression of being dull to certain clients

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