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5 Secrets to Increase The Sales of Your Online Business

Having the best product or service is not enough. No company stays alive if it does not know how to sell what it produces. In fact, the premise: “sell, sell and sell” is not wrong, however hard it may seem. The sales process can be complex or simple, depending on the offer. It is not the same to offer the coffee package, which we all know, as a new and innovative product that no one knows yet and has no competition that can be associated. Here are some tricks to selling more on the Internet:

Don’t Be Intrusive

Traditional marketing was based on advertising in all possible media, but was that effective? I do not think so. A person who walks through the warm streets can see a lot of posters, but really, how many of those advertisements do you give importance to? The percentage is minimal and the ROI surely bad. With the evolution of marketing, a new methodology appeared: “Inbound Marketing” which determines that you have to attract people, not persecute them.

Take Care of Your Reputation

Nowadays most people research products and / or companies on the internet before making a purchase, therefore the reputation of your company is an important factor in the decision stage. What they say about us can favor or harm us. That is why I recommend constantly monitoring social networks and websites to:

  • Give answers to problems and advice when in doubt, remember that the internet is a two-way medium.
  • Do not cheat, it is obvious but not everyone complies, your messages must transmit transparency and security.
  • Try to create a community that is faithful to your brand, after all, they are the ones who become promoters in the long term.

Listen To Your Client

The client is the one who will determine the success of your company or will sink it. Listening means being aware of what customers “say” and also what they “don’t say”; is to think about what you are asking for and why you need it; Many times it is about thinking “with” the client, putting themselves in their shoes, placing themselves in their situation and context. Instead of making complex plans based on many assumptions, constant adjustments can be made thanks to the feedback obtained.

Don’t Forget to Diversify

Do not point all your campaigns to a single digital medium, users carry out different actions depending on the social network, for example, while on Twitter they tell what they are doing on LinkedIn they are looking for a job or on Facebook uploading photos of the previous party. Each social network has its role and some do not participate in all of them. Find out who your potential customers are, what they do in each social media and publish information related to that.

Moreover, you can also get a Wikipedia page about your brand or business to generate more leads. Many people are concerned about the Wikipedia page creation cost, although the cost of creating a Wikipedia page is not that much high. It is worth considering the wiki page for your business.

Aim Well

Although it is part of Inbound Marketing, it is worth mentioning that you must focus your efforts on prospects, that is, on potential customers. It should never be generalized, remember that your product represents a different feeling for each person. Sometimes you will have to modify your offer a little, without necessarily leaving your field. If, for example, your business is to sell fashionable clothes, you can try institutional clients and offer uniforms. If your buyers are children, think about older adults or pets. You need to look and think out of the box.

In addition, a common way to increase business sales is to increase advertising. Advertising will allow us to make our product known, highlight its main characteristics, and point out the reasons why the consumer should purchase them. To increase advertising, you don’t need to spend a lot of money; In addition to traditional media such as television, radio, or print media, there are many others that do not require more investment, such as the Internet, flyers, posters, brochures, cards, fairs, etc.

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