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5 Things You Probably Do Wrong On Instagram

Instagram is no doubt one of the most popular applications on the market. A world without the social media platform is unimaginable for millions of people. And yet some things still go wrong on the platform in 2020.

You daily share photos and videos on Instagram but can’t get leads despite having enough fan following. Figure out the mistakes that you might be doing. We have enlisted some things that go wrong on Instagram, to be able to serve you on that platform. These are a few mistakes that you probably be doing on your accounts.

You probably do these 5 things wrong on Instagram

1. Irregular Posting on Instagram

We hear it regularly: I want more followers, more likes, but it doesn’t work. Then we often see that these people, nine out of ten times, post extremely irregularly. These people probably have closely monitored our Instagram account, because we invented the irregularity.

Something that is not smart, because you want to work on Instagram as constantly as possible. A photo every day, that would certainly be nice. In some case, it’s not mandatory to post every day, if you’re working hard to post the most suitable content on your profile. Well, If you choose to post a photo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that is more than enough. As long as you keep it up.

Prevents sporadic posting and keep a schedule. It functions.

2. Throw Up The Quality

One of the most common mistakes on Instagram is in the quality of the photos. We regularly come across photos in our feeds where the quality seems to be very low. We are not talking about how good the photo is, but about the actual image quality. It quickly looks unprofessional when the photos have a low quality and many visible pixels.

Use high-quality images. Invest time, effort and money in creating unique and beautiful content. A good image is clear, sharp, taken in good light and themed.

3. You Forget Your Hashtags!

Hashtags, we all know them. Yet many people forget them when a post is submitted on Instagram. If you don’t use hashtags, the chances are very little that you put yourself on the map. People with the same interests or people from the same industry (if you use it professionally) are less likely to discover you. Something that is not necessarily a disaster, but can get in the way of growth. Something that can get in the way of new customers or partners. Posting on social media without content optimization is just like throwing in a dark hole.

When using hashtags, make sure they hit the area in which you operate. If you as video streaming company suddenly come up with the footwear hashtag, while you post photos and videos of popular movies and TV shows, you will end up with the wrong people. Let’s say you’re offering Showbox alternatives and post with travel-related hashtags, you might get some traffic, but can’t go viral. Make sure to use some smaller, yet popular, hashtags. That way, the competition is not too much present and it is still possible to post super relevant posts

4. Your Instagram Bio Empty? Fill That Bite!

Is the bio of your Instagram profile completely empty? Then it is time to fill things up. People who end up on your page undoubtedly want to know what to expect. Something that can definitely work for you if you want people to follow you. These people will somehow get to your page and this first impression should persuade them to keep following you. In that respect, the organic is indeed important.

Make sure that your (company) name, relevant contact details (e-mail) and your website are visible anyway. If you have a shop or an office where people are welcome, be sure to place the address. Handy for when people want to come by once.

5. Post Your Instagram Post At Busy Times!

There is a certain timeframe when majority of people are live on the Instagram. It is the precious time to make your new post live for those times. It’s simple phenomena, less amount of people is live on the social media, lesser will be the post reach to desired audience.

Do a research as per your demographic location and try to know the trends. Find out exact timing when most of your followers are online. Know what is the behavior of your fans and followers. In Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Siri Lanka, majority of people rush to their smartphones at 6 pm to 11pm and check the social media updates, Emails, and post their day routines while enjoying meals. Cash this time frame and post your status updates. In the meantime, keep calm in order to reach your audience when they are there. This is how Instagram delivers you the best. Rest of the time you can prepare best contents for peak times.

Final Thoughts: Refrain from doing these on your Instagram profile, and do as recommended. You’ll get better exposure to the desired audience and in return get sales to profit your business.  Don’t forget to comment below about your reading experience.

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