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5 Ways to Write Perfect Page Titles

In the search engine result, the single line of text that you see when bookmarking a page and on a tab in the browser bar is linked to book titles. Generally, these are short descriptions of the linked page. It becomes an essential part of getting a good SEO rank since these are generally picked up by the search engines. The utilization of good titles provides some of the best SMO services in the USA.

1. Length of The Title

An exact length of which length can help you score a better rank is not exactly known. As a general rule a maximum of 70 characters on the desktop is recommended and for mobile viewers a length of 60 characters. What is interesting to note here is that even if you adhere to it, a possibility of Google truncating it is there. This is because Google also takes into account the pixel length which should not be more than 600 pixels. Hence it is recommended that you also use a pixel width checker to avoid truncation.

2. Make the titles unique

If you are creating multiple pages for your website not only should the content be unique on each page but also the titles need to be different on each page. This could be an overwhelming task and you can take help from some of the best SMO company in California.

3. Use keywords

When the pages appear to your viewers they will scan immediately for the words that you had typed, on all your pages’ titles in the absence of these you may think that the pages are not what you were looking for.

Try to start each page title with logical words that summaries the page and try to keep the phrases unique to avoid repetition. Try to avoid these keywords towards the end so you can keep them in the middle of the starting.

4. Don’t Make Them Too Short or Long

Your page is like an advertisement in the newspaper making a very short title will convert to not using all your ad space. Why the keywords should be in the center is also because in case Google decides to remove something, at least your keywords won’t suffer. Especially if you are a well-known brand and are banking on your brand name for more traffic you should not place towards the end of the title.

5. Remember Your Audience

Always keep in mind that your target audience isn’t Google but rather humans. Hence your focus should be on writing clear content for humans and not bots. In simple words, you should not focus unnecessarily on keyword stuffing. The Best SMO services in USA are provided by companies who specifically focus accurately on providing unique titles without compromising the SEO aspect of the human part.


Let your titles aptly describe your content and not deceive your viewers but at the same time get you a good SEO rank.

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