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A Quick Guide to Hire SEO Freelancer for your Business

Unhappy using your existing SEO Consultant? Yes, I know that it is difficult to find a great SEO expert. Any irrational selection will simply make your life tougher.. There are a lot of people in the SEO fraternity who follow unethical practices. Several SEO’s do poor quality work.

Spammy methods and assembly line website optimization approach does not work anymore in 2020. But these idiots still practice bulk link building activities which are considered unethical by Google. The grey hat SEO tricks of 1990’s don’t work in today’s time. No doubt these SEO companies still follow methods which do not work to make money and deliver nothing.


Google Panda And Your SEO

Penguin was one of the very first major SEO Update released by Google in April 2012. There were lots of sites in those days which were concentrating on mass link-building and were impacted by this particular up-date. Before this unique up-date, Google was after websites with unethical backlink building practices. Back-link penalties earlier were manually performed by Google rather than programmed algorithm formula.

These fraudulent techniques unfortunately used to work in the short term and hence the companies used to make buyers happy and make money. If you want to say goodbye to your site then you are welcome to use black hat for building links. Google penalty can be resolved however an vital point is that your SEO employee should know about this.

The biggest concern is your SEO freelancer who will delete all the messages in the search console for any penalty. This way, you will be blindfolded and never find out the reason for the website not ranking well on the search engines. Coming out of penalty will not be straightforward even if you consider switching your SEO Company. Having no reports will make your life or your new SEO agency’s life hard.

Just Three Things to Expect from a Good SEO Company

1. Content and On-Page is The Key

On-Page SEO

Strategy not Techniques. SEO is a never ending marathon competition. It is not like Google Adwords. PPC will help you generate leads in no-time by placing your ad on page one of Google. PPC features a large display network that can also be used for branding campaigns.

White hat SEO is the search engine optimization you should go for. It uses an strategy that concentrates on end users. On-page search engine optimization should be the key focus in 2020 where content is the king and web-site design and style is the queen. We advise that you talk to your SEO agency and ask them to properly follow these as part of their search engine optimization project.

2. Link Building

Link-BuildingBuilding web links is definitely critical for search engine ranking on hard keywords and hence should always be a part of your search engine optimization strategy. We need to forget about back links building tactics of early 2020 and focus even more around the public relation and marketing aspect to generate web links for the site.

You should definitely question your search engine optimization company about their backlink building method. Links reports are critical for monitoring progress and have a history of links created. Top quality of web links is more vital in SEO marketing than the amount of back links developed by your SEO firm.

I actually say this because locating a important backlink takes a lot of effort searching for blogs websites using Facebook, Search engines and other resources.

3. Trust Only Reports


Every decent SEO agency gives on-page and off-page reports on weekly or month-to-month bases. On-page SEO should be recorded in a report by your SEO Company|It would be good to have reports in Google docs about on-site changes.

I prefer Google docs due to the real-time monitoring benefit. Reporting can help you maintain each of the files of adjustments.

Backlink building sheet should be provided by your SEO freelancer with information of all back links made. If there is any messages about harmful backlinks or you think link profile is toxic then the link reports will be really helpful in the long term.


It is always advisable to work with SEO Company with a great track record. If any firm promises first page search engine ranking then that is an alarming sign and you should not hire them blindly. You should consider an SEO freelancer as your marketing and advertising partner and hence you need to make a very logical decision.

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