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How the Food Industry Can Still Survive In This Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been turning the world upside down, in every single aspect. In the food industry alone, we could be seeing the death of many restaurants and many jobs have been lost whole across the world. The economic impact of the food and beverage industry downfall is nearly possible to miscalculate. However, with the downturn of the global economy, fortunately, there are still some ways for the businesses in the food industry to survive and even get profits.

Online Culinary Business

Despite the fact that COVID-19 has been spreading the bad impacts for humans, the work-from-home policy applied for most companies has risen the online culinary business to get a high spot in the market. In fact, those who were not business owners before the pandemic have started to look at this business as the promising one.

If we would browse the Internet today, we would find hundreds or maybe thousands of online culinary businesses offer their delicious edibles to online consumers. The formula is the same as other online business, once consumers would order their food, they would prepare, pack inside their food packaging boxes, and deliver them to consumers. Many of them even offer a free delivery service as well. 

By seeing how many restaurant sales were down approximately 50 percent in just one month, restaurant owners have reported having to lay off their employees or reduce hours. In fact, more than 1 in 10 restaurants forecast that they will close permanently if the pandemic continues going. Thus, a huge number we can expect for this online culinary business to grow.

Take-Away Service

For the top and famous food brands in the market, they continue serving their loyal consumers with take-away service. In this context, consumers would still visit the restaurants, order the food, but would not enjoy the food there. 

For this takeaway service, those food brands have been focusing to cover their food as much as they can, making sure that their delights will remain on their original taste and conditions when consumers would enjoy them at home. Thus, they have been using custom printed food packaging boxes as the right containers to secure their food items, while also making sure those consumers recall their brands by printing the logos stunningly on the boxes. 

Affiliate with the Shipping Companies

In this pandemic crisis situation, the business owners seem not to lose their creative ideas to get profits. Today we can see many shipping companies that offering delivery service from our online purchases. The food industry is also included in this case. 

Almost all restaurants have been affiliated with those shipping companies to deliver their food on-time to their beloved consumers in the well-designed food packaging boxes. This is a great step that could benefit both the shipping companies and also the restaurant owners as well. With this affiliation, the shipping companies will get the profit from the restaurants, while the restaurant owners would not have to be confused to get their food sold and delivered in proper time.  

Wrapping Up

This COVID-19 pandemic has, indeed, not only caused the deaths of human lives throughout time but also caused the deaths of many industries. In the context of the food industry, business owners need to be smart in adjusting their business operations to the ‘new normal.’ Delivering their food safely in the hygienic custom printed food packaging boxes by using those three approaches mentioned above could help them to strive and get profits in this crisis. 


Rashid Iqbal is a Business Development Manager for Packaging Boxes Wholesale, one of the leading packaging and printing service providers. He manages the product’s development and gives recommendations to the company to grow the business successfully. 

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