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Is Hosting Also A Ranking Factor?

Your business growth is directly related to the ranking of your website, and it’s only possible with you to pay attention to search engine optimization. Without SEO, you can expect your website on the first page of Google.

Most people don’t know that hosting effects ranking of a website, but the truth is, good hosting plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Let’s discuss why choosing good is important:

Server Downtime

Server time is the first test of web hosting. If your website is suffering downtime frequently, it means you are not using a reliable web host. Downtime is also a great factor in bringing down the SEO and SERP of a website. Let’s understand how it affects practically.

Frequent downtime increases the bounce rate, that ultimately affects the authority of a website. That’s why it extremely important to look for a reliable web host to get higher uptime.

Page Loading Time

You can also check the load time of your website to check the services of a web host. Google’s team head, Matt Cutts, said that the page load time greatly affects the performance of a website.

It is obvious if a website takes more loading time, users will be shifted to another website, and this will increase the page bounce rate. Your website’s reputation is directly related to page load time.

Good web hosts use the latest technologies to decrease the load time of a website, which lets more people open your website. Less load time indicated you are getting more reviews. You can use different online tools such as Google page speed tool and Pingdom to check the load time of your website.

No More Shared Hosting

You can save some money by using shared hosting, but it will not be beneficial for your website. Shared hosts allow multiple websites to use a single server. It is against SEO ethics; that’s why Google doesn’t recommend shared hosting. If you are using a shared host, your website is not secure. Another major drawback of shared hosting is spamming. It is better not to compromise on quality; you have to spend a few dollars to get scalability, reliability, and speed.

If you have a low budget then you can use a2 hosting review, they offer 15% discounts.


If your target market is a local audience, then looks for localhost as the server location plays an important role, and Google recommends your website to the local visitors. If you are going to open an e-commerce store, then look for the local host to reach maximum people in your community. Here is a logical point that will help you to understand this factor; IP addressed is assigned according to your geographical location.


Using a bad host can affect your business badly. Choosing a shared host is ok if you choose a better hosting option. If you are conscious about the ranking of your website, then look for a reliable host, and Hostingson can help you in this regard. 

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