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Different Ways to Wear Same Skirt on Different Days

Skirts are always a great option that offers you a casual and fashionable look at the same time, and you can wear it in different styles and change your figure to some other extents. Skirts are very common in use and also available in various designs, colors, and styles.

But suppose you have only one then how you can style it for a week without getting into notice. It is always hard to get creative all time with your outfits, but here we provide you the best styling options to wear the same skirt for seven days with an eye-catchy look. You can choose any skirt of your choice, but here we will talk about a pencil skirt’s styling options.

Seven Best Styling Option with the Same Pencil Skirt

Monday – Business Look

You can use the pencil skirt as a formal outfit for your business work, and it is quite easy to get an office look with this. You can use any of your tops with this skirt, and if your skirt is black, then the white top is the most preferred one, but you can also use any other of your choice. Along with this, you should choose block heels that will add comfort and offer a highly official look to your outfit. And if you do not have block heels, you can also go for the slingbacks; they are always an excellent option to wear.

Tuesday – Classic Look

How about classic and streamlined look for your Tuesday; the above-knee design of your pencil skirt gives you the perfect appearance if it is appropriately fitted along with a shirt. You can also add a belt for a better fit and pop of color. You can even get a romantic look with the same outfit if you try to pair it up with a blouse of contrasting colors. You can also try various shirts or blouse if you do not find the contrasting blouse as per your taste of fashion because you can pair a pencil skirt with different styling options.

Wednesday – Monochrome Style

You can use the monochrome look if you do not love the color much, but if you want colors, try to change your look with the tones of color. To get a monochrome outfit, you have to play with tones, so details should be in mind, start with some light-colored embellishments because that will make your look less monochromic, and you can even try wearing some light shade top or shirt that will make your look smooth. To make this monochrome look more colorful, you can use the belt for a pop of color.

Thursday – Formal Look

You can wear a pencil skirt with a turtleneck top with long sleeves. This pair of outfits will give you an alluring look. It would be best if you made your hairstyle neatly tied as a ponytail that will make your look more sleek and different from all other days. You can pair up with office heels to get an office look with the same outfit; you can use the same look for your office parties and small functions.

Friday – Travel Look

If you have a leather jacket, it is quite impressive for you because a pencil skirt with a leather jacket offers a distinctive look. Because the leather makes your outfit a little edgier and fashionable, it also depends on your jacket’s color. According to that, you need to decide to wear the outfit at night or day. You can buy jackets at less price using the Fbb online coupon code. Tone your outfit as per your requirement, and also, you can choose a flared jacket option to get a funky look for house parties.

Saturday – Weekend Style

It’s a fun day you need to get ready for parties, and you can use the loose-fitting of your top to pair it up with a pencil skirt. If you do not have the loose top, you can try to pair your outfit with the jacket, and you can use any funky look jacket or denim jacket. You can also make the look casual by wearing some sneakers with it; sneakers will never let you down; they offer style with comfort. They provide an informal and funky look if paired with the right set of outfits.

Sunday – Party Look

This is the last day you need to look different as you can try your pencil skirt to tuck in and try to make it a high-waist styled pencil skirt. With the high waist style, you should use crop top with long sleeves style to get a fashionable look, and that will create a different appearance from all other days. Pair your outfit with high-heels, and if possible, get a monochrome, black-colored, complete gear.

Concluding Notes

So that’s and end of this blog, you should try the styling option that we provided you, and you can always use your creativity to make the outfits look more stylish than before. Because there are no set of rules that will help you to look fashionable, you can many ways to look great each time, try using the seven days outfit with the same pencil skirt, and share your views with us.

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