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Experience the Niche Perfumery From the House of Dior With Dior Sauvage

A spritz of the correct fragrance is like an icing on a cake; it adds that finalizing touch to the great look that you are going to carry all day long. A good perfume gives you that oomph and confidence you need to be through everything. Being in the presence of someone wearing the right scent can be equally inspiring.

We are living in times when we see niche and indie beauty brands more than ever; the traditional cosmetics giants can’t rest on their laurels in the fight to keep customers loyal. Dior is something that doesn’t need to be reminded, though. The brand has consistently demonstrated how it can still boast of having an ‘It’ beauty brand. While Dior’s commercial perfumes are as popular as ever, they offer luxury fragrances and scented products like Maison Christian Dior, a high-end perfume lovers’ dream. But out of all the launches, some products stand out as a class for the house.

Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum

It is said that the creators drew inspiration from the desert at a magical twilight hour. IT caters your senses with a mixed coolness of the night and the burning desert air, which exudes profound scents. Bottled in a tinted thick blue, it unleashes the wildest instincts at the hour when the wolves come out, and the sky is set ablaze, a new magic unfolds.

If believed in the creator’s words, each note is dominant and enriched enough to reveal new colors. “When creating Sauvage Eau de Parfum, I didn’t focus on its power. Its signature is already quite identifiable. The goal was not to accentuate this or to saturate its composition. Instead, I wanted to enrich each of its dominant notes to reveal new colors,” says François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator.

About The Olfactory Notes of Dior Sauvage

Bergamot from Reggio Di Calabria: From the house of Dior, François Demachy chose an exclusive Bergamot that was shaped with local producers to obtain a “custom” signature. His Bergamot is a whirlwind of juicy freshness that sweeps up everything in its path. Drenched in the Calabrian sun, it is fruitier and develops unique, slightly peppery, and zesty facets. In Sauvage EDP, it wraps itself in spicy notes that impart heart and fullness.

Vanilla Absolute from Papua New Guinea: It unfurls an irresistibly delicious attraction with smoky accents, with a most masculine touch. Harvested green and then soaked in hot water, this exception is processed using an innovative extraction method that restores its aroma’s complex power.

The Dior Sauvage diffuses its delicious exoticism over an ambery-woody base, offering the perfume a sensual oriental accent.

Why Dior House Over Others?

The art of a master perfumers is to shape the essences and the substance to give each scented note an original touch of uniqueness. The fragrance thus should have the ability to inebriate, fascinate, and affect everyone. It is more of a magic than art to create perfumes, and Dior’s house has mastery in combining the emotions and feelings into the bottle.

The fragrances from Dior go through a rigorous creative process of continuity, coherence, and uniqueness. Their scents are made to last and are appreciated forever as a work of art.

Behind the creation of these fragrances, is a world which is often unknown, and made of “noses” that are always looking for inspiration to transform emotions into fragrances. Artistic perfumeries reveal a mystic world; they belong to. They explore this world for us and bring out the best-handcrafted scents.

It is worth trying once, and you’ll find your sensory to be out of control to own one bottle from Dior. Check out for Dior Sauvage Samples before committing to a bottle because perfumes are super personal accessories, and you must take time to decide!

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