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Tips to maintain your Bose Sport Earbud the right way

Here’s how to care for your Bose Sport Earbuds or any other earbuds.

Today, earbuds, earphones, and headphones are indispensable for many. Almost everyone owns an earbud of their own, be it wired or wireless. But not many understand the importance of maintaining their earbud(s). For optimal audio quality and improve lifespan, do not skip maintainence. Afterall, you are inserting the earbuds in your ear regularly. Besides that, the speakers in your product could be harmed if dirt get in. That will affect audio quality.

As for Bose Sport Earbuds, we reckon you are using it for what it was made to be used, and therefore a higher need to maintain it for optimal quality and lifespan. Even if you just bought it for its cool and sleek looks, eventual maintenance would come into the picture.

Maintaining your Bose Sport Earbud

Now, let us get into the maintenance aspect of the earbuds. First, let us start with cleaning the silicon earbuds attachment. This is the attachment that will most often come in contact with your inner ear. Thus, it is important to keep it clean and hygiene for the health of not only your earbuds, but also your ears.

Bose Sport Earbud Image
Image of Bose Sport Earbud from IFuture. Bose Malaysia Premium resellers

Without further ado, here are the one of the easiest and effective steps to cleaning the silicon earbuds attachment.

  1. First, remove the silicon earbuds attachment from your Bose Sport Earbuds.
  2. Use mild soap to gently clean the silicon earbuds attachment.
  3. Wash the silicon earbud attachment with water.
  4. With a gentle cloth, dry the ear silicon earbud attachment.
  5. Leave the silicon ear buds attachment out in the open to air dry for a while before reattaching them so that moisture can dissipate.

We recommend cleaning your Bose Sport Earphones silicon attachment at least once a month. If you are a hygiene freak, you get to decide how often you should be cleaning it.

Cleaning The Bose Sport Earbuds

Next, we are cleaning the earpbuds itself.

First, remove the silicon earbuds attachment (it should be removed already, if you are following our guide). Next, lightly wipe the mesh screen on the opening of the earbuds with a soft dry cloth. Wipe it gently, take care not to push earwax, or debris into the opening. Generally, this light cleaning when done often enough would help to clean off most debris/earwax that had been built through usage.

For instances where the earwax cannot be wiped off, follow the steps below to remove it. Take note, this step will require you to use hydrogen peroxide (concentration 3% or lower):

  1. Remove the silicon earbuds attachment from your Bose Sport Earbuds.
  2. Put on a protective glove, like a surgical glove or some other fully covered gloves to protect your hands.
  3. Apply a little amount of hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration or lower) to the mesh surface near the earbud entrance using a soft cloth or cotton ball, or tissue. Be careful not to let excess liquid into the mesh. Practice caution on this.
  4. Let the wet Softened. Allow hydrogen peroxide to settle for five minutes.
  5. Using a soft-bristled brush. Apply Hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration only) to it.
  6. Scrub the mesh surface lightly to break up and get rid of the wax. Be caution not to let too much liquid get inside the earbud’s opening.
  7. Shake away any leftover liquid and particles after cleaning gently.
  8. Using a gentle cloth, dry the earbuds
  9. Leave your earphone in the open. Let moisture evaporate. Reattached your earphone.

It is simple to clean your earbuds. Just a few simple steps and you can clean, maintain your earbuds, and extend its lifespan.

Extra Tips To Keep Your Earbuds Secure

  1. Secure your Bose Sport Earbuds somewhere safely.
  2. Silicon ear-tips should fit comfortably.
  3. When handling the cord be gentle.
  4. Keep your earbuds dry.
  5. Dry your Bose Earbuds after each workout.
  6. Regularly clean the earbud housing and ear tips.
  7. When not in use, keep the earphones in their case.
  8. Before putting your headphones away, disconnect them from your device.
  9. To clean the ear tips and ports, use proper cleaning tool.
  10. Frequently recharge the battery.
  11. To preserve your hearing, listen at a moderate volume.


Using this simple tips and tricks to maintain your earbuds will give your earbuds a new lease of life.

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