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Top Trends in Accessories Ruling in 2020

Several fashion shows are cancelled due to the Corona Virus pandemic and lockdowns in various countries. Yet, this cannot dampen the spirit of fashionistas around the world. The fever is running high. Don’t panic. ‘Tis no virus here, this is the fashion fever! The icing on the cake is Macy’s coupon, which comes at the right time when online shopping is the only choice left due to lockdowns. This is one of the trendiest stores to shop for hot fashion clothes and accessories.

What’s Trending in Accessories This Year?

The end of Spring 2020 season made a clear announcement: if you call yourselves a fashionista, you need to be smarter in accessorizing. So, all those non-functional, simply-eye-candy items are out. No-frills accessories that are functional dominate the wardrobes this season. Shein features several newbies in its accessory section. Grab the latest Shein promo code and fill your wardrobe with trendy functional items. 

Oversized Bags

They are oversized, yes, and they are bucket-shaped. They can contain all your precious possessions. You need not carry your office files in hand or forcibly stuff that sanitizer. Everything fits snugly in one bag. No need to ditch that extra pair of earrings just because your bag has no room left. Cases such as lipstick cases or makeup cases are lighter. You can snuggle them in your oversized bag and yet not feel bogged down by the weight of too many things in the bag.

These bucket-like bags are smaller than last season’s oversized bags, but are big enough to let a lady go hands free and have all her essentials tucked in place. So remember ladies, the bigger, the better.

And yes, these supersized bags are made from soft material. No hassles in slinging them on your shoulders. The straps are soft and comfy; you can also use these bags as crossbody. 

Walkable Shoes

Well, we aren’t ditching those high heels yet; but this season shoes are more walkable. Find easy going platforms, to be precise, “flatforms.” Mary Jane pumps and loafers find an important place in the wardrobe this season.

Love sneakers? Well, they kind of lost their charm on the runways this season. The platforms took over. But if you truly love them, wear them. However, one of the trending accessories in 2020 is platform sandals. Wedges and flats follow. Remember, we are focusing on walkability this season.

Raffia and Silk Scarves

The humble raffia continues to rule the roost this season. It can be seen on bags, shoes, belts, hats, and even earrings! This is one of the must-haves in your wardrobe. Talking of belts, chain belts are big this season. Chain bracelets and even chain neckpieces are hot too. You can also flaunt bags with chained straps.

Amidst the flood of hats and veils come silk scarves. They are creative to wear and go easy on the pocket too. With a hat, you can flaunt a single style. With a scarf, you can flaunt multiple styles by draping it in various ways. One of the trendy ways is wrapping your head with silk scarves.

Now, with the Corona Virus on, you can neatly wrap your face with the scarf. For the eyes, don a stylish pair of sunglasses. You are done!

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Handmade Jewelry Trends 2020

Handmade jewelry is doing the rounds since the last season. Tassels, rhinestones, pearls, animal shapes, floral designs, hearts, stars, moon, angels, dragons,beads, bees, bugs, butterflies, even skulls and snakes found esteemed places in the jewelry.

Handmade jewelry continues to rock the show. You must have a couple or more pairs of handmade pieces in your wardrobe this season. Shein has a jaw dropping collection of jewelry in their new arrivals section.

The store is not limited to providing clothes and accessories. You can shop for home décor, kitchen, dining, bath, bedding, storage, lighting, and home essentials. Their huge collections will dazzle you. Have fun shopping online at prices that will leave you floored.

Hurry and use Shein promo code to fill your cart with exquisite pieces. The store is fully operational amidst the pandemic and continues to deliver packages as scheduled.

Stores like Macy even have a personal stylist. They help you in new outfits, wedding, looks, gift shopping, vacation packing, and home décor. Get style advice with no pressure on buying. This is a free consultation and first timers get 20% off!


When accessorizing this season, remember: be yourself. Buy, wear, and repeat the trend, if it is one of your favorites. The key element of fashion this time is: sustainable wardrobe, which is high in style too.

Macy’s and Shein are some of the hottest stores to shop at, if you are looking for functionality, sustainability, and fashion statement all put together. For the latest coupons and codes, the website Don’tPayAll continues to steal the limelight.

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