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Identifying the Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India

If you want to consider the right alcohol rehabilitation centre in India, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Unlike drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehab centers are quite generic and do not attract many social stigmas. However, you still need to take care of certain aspects before moving ahead with the selection process.

Factors to Look For While Choosing the Right Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

You must assess your lifestyle or that of your friend or family before selecting the rehab centre. The best alcohol rehabilitation centre in India would tell you the underlying costs and timeframe, well in advance. Lastly, you can visit the centre in person and check out the aesthetics before taking a call. That said, it is essential to segregate the rehab centre based on the necessary rehabilitation treatment.

Classifying Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Options

Individuals looking for credible Alcohol Rehabilitation center must ascertain the options and make selections accordingly. At present, there are three types of recovery centers which are approachable by an addict or anyone from the family.

These are:

1. Inpatient Programs

These centers are like proper rehabilitation camps. Individuals can reside here and avail the services, round the clock. The best thing about the inpatient, Alcohol Rehabilitation programs, is that a few offer 24-hour medical care with proper supervision. Moreover, these are residential facilities where addicts receive medication and can even attend group or individual counseling. The price plan comes as a package and features roll out accordingly.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Delhi but are new to the city, an inpatient program is the right choice. Moreover, the plans are available as monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly packages, depending on the extent of alcohol addiction. Lastly, these facilities offer extensive treatment as well as recreational options to break the monotony.

Apart from that, if you are willing to pay a bit more, you can choose the executive or luxury residential treatment centers. Despite the higher price points, these facilities are worth every buck spent by the client, courtesy of captivating locales, high-quality meals, selective massage treatments, and other perks.

2. Outpatient Programs

If the Alcohol Rehabilitation centre is locally accessible, you can opt for outpatient programs. A good thing about these programs is that you can stay at home and visit the prescribed centre based on your preferences. Most schedules are flexible and allow clients to choose the timings. Some of the highlights include 12 step rehab tools, psychotherapy, group counseling, CBT, contingency management, and MET.

3. 12-Step Group Programs

Bettered termed as alcoholics anonymous, this program is more like a peer-centric support rehab plan for the addicts. In one way or the other, the 12 step program draws parallels between the drug rehab and the alcohol resolution programs. Moreover, the inclusion is based on the spirituality quotient of the concerned individual.

How to Choose a Rehab Program?

You cannot randomly go about selecting the alcohol rehabilitation program. To begin with, you need to analyze the severity of the abuse, about you or the concerned patient. You can also ascertain the addiction levels and accordingly chalk out the nature of the rehab program. Moreover, if you are planning to enroll for a plan, the authorities will ask for all the insights, including the history of treatment, nature of addiction, existing insurance schemes, and the treatment options covered under each. You also need to furnish the details regarding family responsibilities and employment, which remain confidential during the treatment.

Moreover, even you can conduct independent research by asking for the cost of different programs. The critical aspect, however, is the nature and timeframe of the treatment. Any treatment that takes way too much time would only sync well with severe alcohol addicts. Last but not least, you must always select a program that guides you through the withdrawal process. Anxiety, nausea, sweating, and vomiting are the common withdrawal symptoms, and a program that accounts for the same is undoubtedly the more preferred option.


The best alcohol rehabilitation centre in India isn’t hard to find. It’s just that you must be willing to conduct research and look into credible online and offline reviews before making the selection.

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