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Top 10 Best Car Rental Organizations in the USA

The US is a big country with a wide diversity to visit. All the stats are different in this country, and it’s a great thing because we can discover many new adventures living in the same region. But it is not easy to travel in your car among all these states due to the long distance. Here in this article, we provide information about visiting the states by hiring cars on rent from different companies, making travel more comfortable for you, and enjoying your stay in the US.

Many companies are working in the US to rent a car for visiting all the states such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, Houston, Boston, Phoenix, and Washington, etc. the expense of leasing a car relies upon the duration and distance between states to visit. The rental companies provide different deals for traveling so you can choose according to your preferences. Do you love JDM vehicles? There is a broad rundown of JDM vehicles on JDM Sport Classics.


The Alamo Company is one of the most famous US companies for providing cars on rent to travel. This car company’s benefits are not much different, but they give different types of offers necessary to watch out for. The best thing about this car company is that cars are available at a low cost than other companies and can easily afford it. If you choose a long-distance, then they give more low-cost offers. Moreover, Alamo is free to join without any restriction, and every time it will provide discounts on renting while traveling. It is the best choice to choose in the US, but there is a week point of Alamo, and that is it has a low no of offices for booking, and most of the offices are near to airports because people love to hire cars from Alamo. Besides, people with some allergies or environmental issues could also depend on Alamo because they also provide Electric and Hybrid vehicles on rent.

Alamo Review from Customers

  • The neatness and cleanness of the car is just excellent.
  • Quick services provided by the company.
  • Affordable price rates.
  • Good facilities.


There are many reasons which make the National Company best for renting cars to visit the US. Many people give great reviews after using this company. National belongs to Enterprise agency, and it covers the areas of Clayton and Missouri. The Enterprise, Alamo, and National are three companies linked with the same agency, and also, these three companies lie on the top of the list because of their perfect way of working and services. The best thing about National is that it is unusual for Business tours. On the other side, it is famous because of its fixed rate. It doesn’t matter which time you change your booking, and the price rate will remain the same.

Furthermore, the National has various types of vehicles so you can choose according to your need. The company also provides vans or trucks etc., at reasonable prices. So the National Company is famous among the business community because it makes their business life more comfortable and more accessible.

Customer Reviews

  • Various types of vehicles available.
  • Reasonable price rate.
  • Quick services.


The dollar becomes famous in recent years due to its best performance in the US. The dollar rental company is small, but it is still renowned in the US due to its convenience. Dollar Rental Company’s price rate is not lower, but it is quiet compared to other average US companies. But if you book your vehicle in advance, then the company will give many offers you like the most. The Dollar rental company offers special offers on weekly basis bookings such as the lower rate or extra driver, etc. The company also has lower rates compared to other average companies.

Furthermore, another beautiful thing about the dollar is that it gives some redeem offers after renting a car. So it’s scarce to get free rental rides in the US. But the free ride is a secret weapon of Dollar Rental Company. You can use the rental car for a dollar from any location, and in case of unavailability, you can easily switch the rental company to another rental company.

Customer Reviews of Dollar Rental Company

  • The clean and neat environment in the car.
  • Overall reasonable for all customers.
  • Fast pick up services.
  • Easy booking options.
  • Freeride offers customers.


The reputation of anything makes it famous and influential in the market. A good reputation for anything will help you to decide the best option for you. The US’s enterprise rental company is also very famous among consumers, and many people give positive comments about it. US citizens have several rental car companies and consider it better due to its advantages. The best thing about the enterprise rental car company is that the fleet car provided, and this car option is best because it is a new model. The older rental vehicles are also just six to eight months old. So the enterprise company is the best option for those who don’t want to face any issue while renting the car.

Moreover, the price rates are also the best in this company. The company is famous in the US due to its daily price rates. Low price rates make it the best choice for the people who want to rent a car for a full week.

Customer Reviews

  • Quick pick up and drop off services.
  • Neat and clean car.
  • A new model of the car.


At first, the Sixt Company started in Germany in 1912. And now these days it becomes one of the famous rental car companies in the US. Sixt got selected from premium vehicles as one of the best car companies because it has the best cars in stock, such as Cadillac, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Jeep, and range rover. The customer can choose one of them according to their choice. The Sixt company’s rice rate is very selective, and the company gives an offer on premium products in case of price. All the major cities of the US provides services from this car company to all the visitors. The central locations of the company included train stations, airports, and hotels, etc.

Customer Reviews

  • Affordable price rates.
  • Advantage on premium products.
  • Covers all locations.


If you need a car for your business tour or another leisure tourn, you must consider the Thrifty car company in the US. It was established in 1958, and over the decades, it becomes more famous and robust in the car rental market. The main headquarters of thrifty is located in Estero and Florida. And the other total offices are 1300, which are located in 99 countries in the world. Extensive collection of vehicles offered by this company such as urban, SUVs or minivans, etc. in the US all the significant spots provide services from this rental car company.

There is no difference in rate, either you book a car for a week or some days. The price rate remains the same. Besides, the company provides online services to the customer, so it becomes elementary to book a car before starting the tour.

Customer Reviews

  • Versatility in car selection.
  • Fixed price rates.
  • Quick availability makes it famous.
  • The online process of booking is great.


Here we present another famous car company with a good reputation in the market and that is Hertz. The Hertz car rental company is renowned among travelers in the US. Special the people who always use the car on rent know this brand in an okay way. Several reasons make it a better choice for every customer in the US. If the customer wants to hire a fleet car, then they must select this rental car company. The company also provides standard and straightforward vehicles for people who don’t want any new car model.

Sports cars are also available in this rental company. Another factor that makes it batter and that is the price rate. But at the first level, people think the rates are higher as compare to other travel companies. So they switched to another car company. Most people choose Hertz due to its best services. But the car company is not suitable for people who want to rent a car for just a few days. Besides the price rate, Hertz company gives many types of rewards and advantages after renting the vehicle, such as spending each dollar will increase the customer’s points so he will get free rides from the company.

Customer Reviews

  • Price rates are higher at the first level.
  • Rewards and advantages provided by the company..
  • Batter then other companies for quick services.


The budget rental car company has a long history full of good reputation in the US. This rental car company is one of the best in the US to rent a car for travel. The most attractive feature of this rental car company shows in its name, which is Budget. Many factors make it the right choice and attract customers towards it. Its name is Budget, but it doesn’t mean that it always gives discounts on prices, but it provides some reasonable rates than other rental car companies in the US.

If the customer booked a car in advance, he could get some special advantages for future travel. Another best thing is its availability. The budget rental car company has its offices in all US big cities to book from anywhere. Also, the company covers the locations from outside the airports or hotels. Moreover, quick pick-up services make it more significant. So the budget rental car company is the best choice for the people who want some rewards or some advantages on travel time.

Customer Reviews

  • The company gives some special offers to customers.
  • Freeride opportunity available.
  • Best car services provided.


When a customer finds a company for renting a car, he always chooses a company with low rates. The Avis rental car company is famous in the US due to its low market prices. But the company did not provide the best rates on daily basis travel. It means that the Avis car company is best for the people who want to rent a car every week. Customers must choose this travel company because it is famous in the US. The company’s special offer to those people who want to book a car in advance before a few days of traveling. The Avis car company covers all the famous locations in the US. AVIS is also best for people who want to get some special rewards while traveling, including free rides or other benefits, etc.

Customer Reviews

  • Pick and drop facilities are best.
  • Availability of offices for booking.
  • Free rides offer provided every week.
  • Reasonable price rates as compare to other rental companies.


One of the largest car rental companies is Advantage, basically owned by Candian owner—the two main headquarters are located in two big cities, such as Orlando and Florida. The same business group owns several other companies such as E-Z rent, A-Z rent, etc., all types of vehicles such as Mini Economy, SUVs, Fleet, and Compact, etc. available by Advantage car rental company. The Advantage car rental company is the best choice for all the people who want to rent a car for a business tour or other regular tours in the US. Safety provided by this company is the best thing in the market, and this is also the most attractive feature of Advantage car Rental Company.

Customer Reviews

  • Safety options are best.
  • Quick services provided by the company.
  • Famous in the US.
  • Cover all the famous locations.

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