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Why People Prefer India for Website Designing and Development?

Nowadays, websites are the first thing companies plan before starting their business because it is the identity card for every company. When it comes to website development services, India is the best location to outsource your work. India has become the well-liked destination for outsourcing web development services. Several factors are liable for this but the most reason behind this is often the expertise of Indians in technical fields.

Every 3 persons out of 4 in India are directly or indirectly associated with the IT industry. The country has more than 1.3 billion population who are below the age of 30. Imagine the availability of resources in this subcontinent. IT industry is the fifth largest industry in India with a total share of 8% in the country’s total GDP. For the fiscal year, 2017 – 2020 IT outsourcing has generated a revenue of around 170 billion dollars out of which majority of revenue came from Outsourcing services to the US.

With the minimum growth of 5 percent Indian IT industry is growing every year and by 2021 it is expected to grow double. So, Indian government is also working in order to improve the growth of the fast-growing IT sector. The people and companies are hardworking and skilled enough to work on any type of projects. They are dedicated towards their work and an average Indian works 55-60 hours a week with minimum wages. Outsourcing projects in startup companies of India can also reduce your expenses. The startups in India charge low but offer the best and effective work.

Indian companies offer various Web Development Services such as website maintenance, graphic designing, E-commerce, CMS, Learning Management System (LMS) and other portals, etc. Read this blog to understand why India is the best choice for outsourcing your web development work.

Why Does the World Prefer India?

1. Quality Assurance

There is a high level of competition among web development companies in India. Developers know that the only way to survive during a hugely talented pool of skilled people is superior quality. So outsourcing services from India is like getting the best quality. There is no compromise in India when it comes to high-quality development services. Indians are fluent in English communication, so it is easy for a foreign client to converse. India holds approx 60% of the global outsourcing share of the Information Technology Industry. This record shows that the word trust on Indian services when it comes to quality of work.

2. Cost-Effective Services

Getting web development services from India not only assure quality services but also lessen your budget as compared to the United States or Europe. There is a huge difference in per capita income of Asian people with Europeans. Cost of project and work gets reduced after you outsource you work to India. It can be easily done on a low budget which will save you money.

Due to huge population and competition, many startup companies in India offer best web development services at low cost.

3. Saving on Infrastructure

You don’t need to invest in the latest technologies and infrastructure, outsourcing companies in India can take care of everything. To get competitive benefits over others, outsourcing companies spend money and time on infrastructure and on employee training. Outsourcing your work to India will save your managing and hiring expenses. You can just contact any outsourcing company they will arrange everything for you.

4. 24*7 Services

A unique advantage of your time zone makes it easy for development hubs to supply 24*7 services to client’s offshore. With Indian companies, you’ll utilize even the non-working hours. You can save your time and get your work done easily in non-working hours too which can increase your efficiency and productivity of your business. Time plays an important role in the success of business, as developers in India are punctual and hardworking to provide work on time. Most of the startup company in India are always ready to provide fast and 24*7 services.

5. Versatility

Many clients face that developers are not skilled enough to fulfill their requirements. This mostly happens with web development services because the clients need full stack developers. The web development companies in India, these companies have such teams which are expert in working with multiple languages. So, your project is going to be built on such a platform which is best fitted to your project. Indian companies possess versatile and expert developers who are skilled in technologies that include, PYTHON, PHP, C++, ASP.net, Java, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT etc.

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India is considered a highly recommended country when it comes to Information Technology and they provide excellent quality of work. Outsource your projects to India and experience high-quality work at an affordable price. Hiring employees and managing all your work can be stressful and costly too. So, it’s recommended to outsource your work to India.

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