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Favourite Spots for Paddle Boarding

Black Canyon Nevada

The Black Canyon, a 12 mile stretch along the Colorado River has long been a mecca for kayaking.

That, of course, means it’s also a perfect spot for stand up Paddle Boarding.

Canyons, of course, offer spectacular, overwhelming views – particularly as the river gets narrower and you’re flanked by the seemingly never-ending cliff faces of the Black Canyon (which incidentally gets its name from the fact that parts of the gorge only get 33 minutes of sunlight a day).

The Black Canyon Water Trail starts at the base of the Hoover Dam which is a spectacular scene in itself.

The Black Canyon part of the Colorado River is completely flat water making it perfect for Paddle Boarding.

There’s also plenty of hiking to be done at various parts of the trail so you should plan the paddle to make the most of these hikes too. The Black Canyon is part of the Gunnison National park meaning you’ll need to get a $17 permit from the National Park Service. These are limited in number to ensure that traffic to the canyon is minimized. That of course means, once you get there, the place won’t be crowded. However, as mentioned above, you’ll need to plan your trip.

Catch a small preview of what Paddle Boarding the Black Canyon feels like:

BlackCanyon Adventures can serve all of your paddleboard needs in the Black Canyon, whilst KayakLasVegas can also provide SUP rentals and tours.

Hood River, Oregon

Hood River is often referred to as the wind-surfing capital of the world, however, in recent years, Paddle Boarding has also taken off in this region. Renowned for its spectacular views of the snow-capped Mount Hood, Hood River is also home to one of the biggest paddleboard events.

The Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle on the Hood River’s Waterfront park draws in hundreds of the competitors every year with the event featuring both a Distance Downwind Race and a Course Race.

Some of the biggest names in SUP such as Fiona Wylde hail from the Hood River.

SUP in the Hood River is a great way to explore the remote wilderness. As you paddle through challenging rapids whilst surrounded by towering pine trees, you’ll feel more than ever that SUP and nature are a perfect fit.

Need to find SUP buddies in Hood River, head to Big Winds, or Hood River Water play.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are one of the best SUP trips for encountering wildlife.

Particularly in between Stock Island and Key West, the two westernmost flecks of land in the 822-island chain a mile-long channel through a mangrove forest called Cowley Channel weaves through many hundreds of the tidal creeks and the passageways are just wide enough to paddleboard through. You’ll be able to see all sorts of wildlife here, including barracuda, octopus, rays, manatees, and a countless variety of birds.

Areas such as Silver Springs State boast super clear spring rivers. If you get there early, you’ll be able to enjoy the area all for yourself and with the water being so clear that you can see the river floor. It will feel like you are just paddling on the air.

We’ve got another great preview of Paddle Boarding in the Florida Keys

Need some paddleboard stuff in Florida, head down to Paddle! Or SupKeyWest for all your SUPing needs.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is sandwiched between the Puget Sound, fed by the Pacific Ocean to the west, and freshwater Lake Washington to the east. Besides that, the lakes of Lake Union, Green Lake, Lake Washington, Elliot Bay and Shishole Bay have all become popular places for Paddle Boarding. The Duwamish River and Alki Beach are also popular hot spots.

With the Cascade and Olympic Mountains as your backdrop, Seattle is a particularly scenic ride. Stand up Paddle Boarding on Lake Union, you’ll be drifting by the famous Space Needle, whilst watching seaplanes come and go; an experience that is hard to beat.

Races are also held every weekend during Paddleboard season, from May 1 to the end of September. Among the popular races is the Round the Rock race, a 13-mile September event around Mercer Island on Lake Washington.

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