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Compare Your Interest Rates with Our Loan Calculator

When planning for a financing option, be it a home loan, an education loan, or simply a personal loan, it is quite imperative to understand the loan interest rate closely. You must research the future re-payments involved and make an informed decision. Getting an instant loan is quite easier in the present digital scenario. You just need to do the KYC process. KYC process can be done either from the visiting of the physical office of the loan service provider or through online mode. 

Internet-enabled devices allow the user to do a variety of work just in a few clicks. Even you can process the desired loan just in the comfort of sitting at your home if your civil score is fine.  Additionally, the loan service provider allows you access to an online calculator that can help you settle with the best loan opportunities.

What is the role of an interest loan calculator in a lending firm? 

The interest loan calculator is the time tested tool that can help the user to set the different parameters of the loan and settle with the best option. Instant loan calculator allows the user to figure out the equated monthly instalment (EMI) in real-time. It helps them to select the best available option and getting the sanctioned loan amount even in the eleventh hour of the requirement. 

Moreover, it helps loan seekers to settle with the right decision and manage future financial plans with no worry. You can use a loan calculator to understand the complete repayment structure of the loan. So, you can say an online interest rate calculator is the best invention in the realm of lending services. It can be considered one of the finest tools for any borrower.

How an interest loan calculator performs its task? 

A loan calculator is a dynamic tool that can be used to calculate the amount of interest you will be charged for a lending amount of money and the period you will be paying. The use of an instant loan calculator helps you to calculate various things such as

  • The total interest amount you will pay
  • The monthly EMI
  • The interest amount as a percentage of the principal

The interest rate calculator can be used to compute all the variants of the loan offered to the people such as government and private student loan, home loan, vehicle loan, personal loan, business loan, etc. The loan calculator can compute the loan based on some variables such as interest rate, principal amount, and the period of the loan over which the loan has to be paid. The instant loan calculator assumes that the interest rate of the loan will be fixed during the repayment cycle. The calculator allows us to fix the interest rate between 5% to 8.5%.

What are the variants of the instant loan calculator?

You can easily find loan calculators on the website of the leading loan service provider. Online interest rate calculators are usually available in two different modes either the basic type or the advanced calculator. The basic online calculators allow the user to select the loan amount and the amount of payment he wishes to pay as an EMI and the calculator shows the duration and interest rate of the loan. With this calculator, you can use different combinations and settle with the best figure loan amount that can meet your requirement and allow you to re-payment with no stress.

Advanced loan calculators allow the user to figure out the debt-income ratios in addition to offering the output for different re-payment scenarios. One of the considerable benefits of using an instant loan calculator is that you can figure out the amount that you can borrow, and calculate your savings on tax.

How to settle with the reputed lending service provider?

Although various lending service providers are available on the internet, the services offered by the Clix capital are exceptional. Clix capital is one of the leading company deals in loan assistance services. The company deals in different variants of loan services. From home loan to car loan, personal loan to business loan, you can easily get a loan from the company if your eligibility matches with the company portfolio. 

The company understands the power of digitalization and that’ is why integrated EMI calculators on the website as well. The calculators allow the users to select the loan amount and repayment amount and provide a quick figure of the rate of interest and time duration of the final loan settlement.

How to compare your interest rates with the Clix capital calculator?

Whether you need a home loan, vehicle loan, personal loan, or business loan, or you’re just curious, the interest rate calculator helps you in getting loan insight and context. The company also added a long list of frequently asked questions to better understand the long vision of the company and all the technical terms regarding the type of loan and facilities. 

If you want to compare the interest rates with the Clix capital EMI calculator, then you only need to select the expected loan amount and the re-payment amount. Once you have selected both these things you will get the rate of interest and duration of loan settlement in real-time.   


Getting an instant loan has become quite easier in the present time, but you should also plan the re-payment plan. Planning of loan re-payment can help you to best utilize the sanctioned loan amount and provide peace of mind during the re-payment. So, use the interest rate calculator, check different combinations of loan amounts instantly, and make the smart decision to fulfil your dreams and desire. 

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