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TheWiSpy Review

TheWiSpy is among the most innovative spy mobile programs on earth. It’s everything you would expect in a telephone tracking system, and much more. It documents phone calls, captures keystrokes, enables you to browse email, SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp messages, monitor device places and even turn microphones to document conversations–without the user understanding.

It is not inexpensive, but the TheWiSpy Extreme begins at $199. This TheWiSpy review can allow you to determine if the intense model of TheWiSpy would be well worth the cost.

Please Notice: To be able to set up TheWiSpy in an Android telephone, you have to jailbreak or root on the gadget.

Getting Started

After buying the TheWiSpy Program, you’ll be given a confirmation email which contains your login info and step-by-step directions for installing the program.

To get started, take a look at the TheWiSpy on line portal on your own computer, then pick the device which you would like to set up the android spy app on and stick to the onscreen instructions.

When the program is set up, data in the target telephone is sent into the TheWiSpy server. It’s possible to log in the TheWiSpy portal in the pc or smartphone to see reports.

TheWiSpy Features & Pricing Plans

The premium version delivers the fundamentals you’ll see in a number of other spy applications, with the exclusion of telephone interception and telephone recording. Both of these attributes are extended in the Extreme version. On the TheWiSpy site there’s a comparison graph, which means that you can easily fit the qualities which are most significant to you.

TheWiSpy Premium Version

The top version has all of the normal features you’d expect from an android spy app, letting you monitor every text message, phone, site seen, and multimedia document in your target’s mobile phone.

It captures much more on a frozen apparatus, like Facebook action and instant messages delivered via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

  • Each keystroke typed on the target telephone is recorded. You will have the ability to observe each password and username.
  • It uses GPS to monitor the telephone location. It is possible to see their place history on a map, and monitor their existing location in real time.
  • You may set up email or text alerts which will notify you if the telephone receives or sends messages with specific words.
  • You can take screenshots of the programs they use.

TheWiSpy Extreme Version

The Intense version permits you to listen into record calls, send bogus text messages, and control the phone’s camera and mic. A number of the key characteristics of TheWiSpy Extreme comprise the following:

  • Live Call Interception
  • Call Recording
  • Listen Live to Phone Surroundings (bug their telephone covertly)
  • Ambient Recording (record their telephone’s environment)
  • Remotely Take Photos

Advanced Features Working?

Live Phone Interception is a feature which permits you to intercept calls to the target telephone to be tracked while they occur, with no telephone user’s awareness. This feature works is you are hooked into a telephone because a third party. It is comparable to being on a conference call, just nobody knows you are online. Your telephone remains muted. The 1 condition is that the target device has to be effective at 3-way phoning, so consult the telephone carrier to make sure this attribute is enabled and/or accessible. Find out More about how to install Call Interception.

Ambient Recording is much like Call Recording and permits you to secretly record what is happening around the telephone. Here is how it works: Under the Phone Controls from the TheWiSpy online portal site, click Start Ambient Recording and input the number of minutes that you would like to document. This turns to the telephone’s mic in stealth mode and documents conversations happening close to the gadget.

The TheWiSpy Extreme includes a plethora of advanced features, which makes it a superb selection for users.

The Way TheWiSpy Works

This is the way it works. You download and install the TheWiSpy android spy app on the phone which you would like to track, it quietly works in the desktop recording the telephone pursuits and uploading them for its own server. It can turn on the telephone’s mic liberally to function as a bug. When you are ready to look at action reports, just log into your TheWiSpy accounts, and you will have the ability to see their texts, mails, social networking messages, telephone calls, GPS location, browser history, photographs, contacts and much more.

The way to get it done

TheWiSpy isn’t available on the Apple App Store or even Google Play, which means you will want to visit TheWiSpy’s site to download it. Typically, the setup process is rather straightforward.


  1. What do I want to perform before installing TheWiSpy?
  • Get their apparatus on your hand (such as that the passcode).
  • When the unit is an iPhone or iPad be sure to jailbreak it at first before installing TheWiSpy.
  • When the unit is an Android cellphone and you would like the extra features that need root access be sure to root it at first before installing the program.
  • We strongly suggest that you make a backup of this apparatus before you commence the rooting/jailbreaking process.
  • Be in a pc to log on your internet portal to initiate the setup process.
  1. Is TheWiSpy concealed?

The TheWiSpy program is intended to be imperceptible to the telephone’s consumer. Once set up, the program hides itself within the target telephone and eliminate its launcher icon.

  1. Is TheWiSpy lawful?

In most nations, it’s valid for parents to track their children’s’ mobile action. Employers have a valid right to monitor employees’ actions on employer-owned apparatus. But it’s illegal to put in TheWiSpy on a device possessed by somebody else.

TheWiSpy is located outside the USA, whereas another notable spy applications providers are not. Their distinctive place (Thailand) enables them to operate via a loophole. They are ready to evade the lawful hassle StealthGenie is presently facing. TheWiSpy will contain a disclaimer on its site, stating that it’s responsibility of the consumer to follow all applicable legislation in their nation.

  1. Is it possible to move the permit to a different telephone?

Yes, it is possible to move the permit to a different telephone. You’ll have to deactivate your license on the older phone before tripping again to the new mobile phone. If you want activated software on multiple devices in precisely the exact same time, you should buy additional licenses.


TheWiSpy can be used with significant operating system, such as Android. Regrettably, it does not work on each operating system, which means you need to ensure your target telephone is running a supported operating system.

Pricing and Strategies

As of today, they offer several packages to fulfill your requirements.

The TheWiSpy Premium provides the very best value for the money, is packed with features and can be competitively priced. The TheWiSpy Extreme is extremely costly, but after you’ve tried it, you will know it’s well worth it. You also need to keep in mind that they are the only ones now offering telephone recording, telephone intercept and nearby monitoring. The U.S. based businesses like highster mobile, cellular spy and mspy can’t provide these features. Another extra advantage is because the organization isn’t located inside the USA, you won’t cover any extra taxation without any VAT charges.

There is no free trial, but TheWiSpy provides a 10-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the program.

Ways to Get Started

  • Buy license for target apparatus.
  • Jailbreak or root target apparatus.
  • Install applications and trigger target device.
  • Open Control Panel dash and observe TheWiSpy perform its magic.

See the movie below to find the incremental process.


TheWiSpy prices over many spy programs, but it also provides you more features, improved performance, and superior service. If you are ready to pay a little more to get a superior experience, the TheWiSpy Extreme is the very best option.

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