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30 Amazing Free SEO Tools To Rank Better In 2020

After doing the lots of research, asking from the SEO experts for best free SEO tools according to them, and tested all the suggested SEO tools at our end, we have come up with the group of outstanding free SEO tools for 2020 that would help your website rank high in SERP. And, especially these amazing SEO tools are the best for the ones who have a tight budget, here is the list of top-end SEO tools.

All these tools are recommended and used by the trusted SEO Services provider companies.  Let’s dive deep and know about these free yet best SEO tools that would help to improve your website ranking and grow your business at a faster rate.

  • Link building tools
  • Research tools
  • Keyword research tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Technical SEO tools
  • Local SEO tools
  • Rank tracking tools
  • On-page SEO tools 
  • Other tools

Link Building Tools 

Outstanding free tools that aid to acquire more links to the website

1. Hunter.io

Serve as a free link building tool up to the 50 requests per month, Hunter.io is one of the famous tools that finds email addresses linked with your website. By entering the domain and person’s name, it is possible for you to find the email address of any particular person.

2. Scraper

It is another famous link building tool that is the best for scraping data from your web page. Apart from this, it is used for several other purposes. You can try this tool for scraping link prospects and other related tasks. This is a highly useful SEO tool that will contribute to boosting the rank of your website.

3. Ahrefs Broken Link Checker

Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker is a highly demanded and useful free link-building tool. With this tool, it is a matter of just a few seconds to represent the top ten broken outbound and inbound links for URL, subdomain, and domain. Additionally, with the aid of Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker, you can improve user experience by finding broken outbound links, pages on your website for reclaiming link authority, and link building opportunities.

4. Help a Reporter (HARO)

Help a Reporter (HARO) is one of the effective tools for the journalists because, with an excellent database of sources for upcoming stories, it helps to secure valuable media coverage. This is highly used in the press industry. This is an ideal tool for building authoritative links. Let’s understand the working of this tool with an example-

When journalists need an answer to any certain question and require the experts to answer their questions. Via the help of a reporter SEO tool, they can send emails with those questions to subscribers and can get the potential answer from any of them.

5. Streak 

Streak is a Chrome Extension that will turn your email inbox into the CRM software. This tool is the best tool for blogger outreach. It is ideal for scheduling and sending mass personalized emails.

6. Linkody

Linkody is a prominent and cheap link building tool that has a decent link index. It is easy to know what is working for you because Linkody helps to analyse the exact pages that get most links.

7. JustReaschOut

This is another SEO tool that is beneficial for reporters and journalists. The press release is powerful link building strategies and this tool helps to get high-quality links from HUGE authority news websites such as Tech Crunch, Forbes, New York Times, and others. This tool has an up-to-date database of journalists

Research Tools

8. BuzzSumo

Most of the experienced SEO experts prefer BuzzSumo when it comes to select the best SEO research tool. This tool Chrome extension delivers trusted social share count for any content. This is available in both free and paid versions.

9. Wappalyzer

If want to know what technology a site is using, then Wappalyzer is the first tool that should come to your mind. It is the favourite tool of digital marketers and SEO professionals because it is ideal to analyse what technology a website runs on.

10. Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Numerous SEOs who have good knowledge of this industry, recommend this tool the most. It is possible to input up to 20,000 domains at a time. It is an ideal search tool that makes it easy for you to find the bulk domain availability and other related tasks.

Keyword Research Tools

Finding the best topics which your audience is looking for or seeking is easy with Keyword research tools.

11. Google Keyword planner

Google Keyword planner has an edge over the traditional keyword research tools. Generating the keyword ideas based on 10 seed keywords is a really simple process via this tool. If you are searching for the best keyword research tool, then it would be the best one for you that helps to uplift your website rank by finding the right keywords.

12. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

The next keyword research tool on the list is the Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator. For any seed keyword or phrases, it is easy to generate the top 100 keyword ideas via this tool. Also, it pulls keywords idea from the database of 10 billion keywords that even from more than 170 countries.

13. Keyworddit

This is an effective tool that drives the list of keywords from the Reddit with estimated monthly search volumes. With the aid of this keyword research tool, it is simple to find topics in which your audience is interested. Try this free tool and improve the rank of your website in SERP.

14. Answer the public

This tool is extremely helpful for generating the topic ideas because it pulls the questions users ask. Answer the public pulls the question from Google’s autocomplete results.

Analytics Tools

Let’s measure and analyse data with ease on your website with the aid of these awesome analytics tools.

15. Google Analytics

For boosting every aspect of marketing, Google analytics is the best tool. This tool offers a whole range of data for analysing and making the perfect choice for your marketing strategies.

16. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio comes on the top of the list when it’s about to select the ideal analytic tool for your website. It makes you the freedom to build interactive reports and dashboards. Integrated with Google’s suite of toll, merging the data from different sources or tools is possible via Google Data Studio.

17. Ahrefs WordPress SEO Plugin

Ahrefs’ WordPress SEO Plugin is a popular Analytics tool that aids you do auditing your website content and monitoring of the backlinks. Combining data from the backlink index and improving your content, it is possible with the help of Ahrefs’ WordPress SEO Plugin. Professional SEO Agency use this tool to uplift the position of a website in search result pages.

Technical SEO Tools

Uplift the technical aspects of your website with the incredible Technical SEO tools.

18. Google Search Console 

Google Search Console is one of the demanded free service tools that help to monitor and fix the website’s appearance issues. With the aid of it, to troubleshoot the technical errors and structured data issues. It is the free service from Google to the users and makes their website more effective and user-friendly.

19. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

This is mainly used for testing how easy a visitor can access and use your website on the mobile device. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is ideal to identify particular issues.

20. Smush

This free WordPress plugin is ideal for optimizing and resizing images. Additionally, it ensures the fast loading of the web page. In it, a free user can optimize fifty images at a time. Smush is a powerful and famous tool that aids to fix technical issues.

21. HEADMasterSEO

Available in both paid and free versions, HEADMasterSEO is an awesome tool for testing the status codes of URLs.

Local SEO Tools

Let’s optimize rank in the search engine result pages.

22. Google My Business

This is a prominent and highly effective local SEO tool that aids to manage how your business appears in Google and Maps. For the local SEO and boosting the growth of your online business, it is extremely important to optimize your Google My Business profile.

23. Whitespark Local Citation Finder

For the local SEO, it is the best tool that is helpful to find NAP citation changes for your business.

Rank Tracking Tools

For checking out the ranking of your website on a particular website, then below-suggested tools are the best.

24. Local Search Results Checker

Checking the search results from city, town, or ZIP level is possible with the help of Local Search Results Checker. You can check the result with the help of this tool country-wise as well as for the specific language.

25. Ahrefs’ SERP Checker

Ahrefs’ SERP Checker is an amazing user-friendly tool that helps to identify the rank. For analysing the vital SEO metrics and ranking of the top website for any particular keyword in more than 170 countries is possible via Ahrefs’ SERP Checker.

On-Page SEO Tools 

Optimize your rank in SERP with the aid of these outstanding tools.

26. SERPSim

SERPSim is the ideal for showing how a web page would look in Google search results. For seeing your web page in this tool, you have to enter the URL, Title and Meta description. Apart from this, it would indicate whether your title and Meta description is long. This tool is good for fixing the issues to avoid truncation in search engine result pages.

27. Rank Math

Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin that is great to op-page and technical SEO. It helps include the titles, OG tags, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, and others. Apart from this, structured data markup addition is possible by this tool for rich snippets. Also, you can find and fix the dead links on your website with the aid of this tool.

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Other Tools

28. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is helpful for showing how pages looked in the past and it is a great tool to be used during broken link building time.

29. Google Alerts

 Google Alerts is a famous tool for monitoring your competitors along with your mentions of your name or business online.

30. Algoroo

This tool is used for analysing any kind of fluctuations in Google search engine result pages. Algoroo is a tracking tool.

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