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Top 10 Gifts to Deliver Direct to Friends and Loved ones During Lockdown

Covid-19 has forced a wide number of industries for a temporary shutdown. Moreover, a vast number of countries around the globe have declared lockdown. 

People living not only in the UK but all over the world are requested to stay home as much as possible. Due to corona, one should not find it challenging to send gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or just showing their love to their friends and families.

In a nutshell, it is crucial to remain in touch with the people and express your feelings without reaching out to them.

However, sending some unique and useful items is becoming highly challenging due to the shutdown of post offices due to illness and social distancing rules.

Here, we will provide you with flowers and gifts delivery ideas to resolve your issue, which you can deliver to your friends and family members at their doorstep.

Without taking much of your time, let’s get started:

Best Gifts to send to friends and loved ones during the lockdown

Cocoa Runners chocolate lovers from Cocoa Runners

Dark chocolate encourages the production of chemicals like endorphins and also helps to increase the serotonin level. In short, high-quality chocolate mainly helps in relaxing and calming, resulting in it being the best snack during hard times. 

Cocoa Runners online shop has the best collection of chocolate-related gifts, with thousands of unique bars from craft manufacturers across the globe.

If you find it hard to choose chocolates, then chocolate lovers’ hamper consists of a collection of some excellent white, milk, and dark chocolate packed in a wooden box.

Enchanting Roses and Lilies hand-tied from Interphone Flowers

Flowers are some of the best ways to express your feelings to your loved ones. Roses represent the symbol of love and purity.

These are one of the bestseller flowers sold by Interfone Flowers. Apart from this, they offer a wide range of flowers and gifts delivery at different locations in the UK.

Apart from flowers, they also deliver spirits, wines, chocolates, plants, etc.

Champagne box from Fortnum & Mason


Do you want to send a unique gift? Then a Champagne gift from Fortnum and Mason is best. It is suitable for anyone who is celebrating their wedding anniversary or birthday at home in the lockdown. 

A zoom wedding gift or something extraordinary for your loved ones’ wedding anniversary, send this on their doorstep.

Patch Plants from Patch Plants

If your friend is more attached to plants than flowers, you can send a patch to light up their home. 

Patch’s service enables you to select a plant according to the current weather conditions and the amount of care it will get. In short, you can purchase a customized patch for your special person.

Compared to the other plant shop, here you also have an option to purchase a pot with it. Lastly, they are also providing a 10-step plant-parenting course for all people who have purchased plants.

Paint by numbers lake canvas: Amazon 

Paint by numbers is getting a lot of traction among people due to lockdown. Also, it has become an effective method of increasing creativity, feeling relaxed, and reducing stress.

However, there is a high possibility that they would not consider buying themselves; hence a beautiful painting kit to your friend or family member is the best option. Here, they will obtain stunning artwork to increase the aesthetic of their home.

Books That Matter Subscription from Books That Matter


In this pandemic, various people are spending time reading books as they help them to reduce stress and gain new perspectives about various things. Books That Matters subscription service’s main goal is to keep women’s writing in focus. Every box consists of a book written by a female author plus a minimum of 3 gifts from women leaders.

In this subscription service, gifts will differ every month. This the best gift you can give to anyone who is an avid reader.

Rita Farhi Luxury Nut Assortment: Selfridges

Rita Farthi’s label is one of the most expensive treats you can send to your loved ones. The selection box consists of a highly attractive mixture of mixed hazelnuts, chocolate-coated almonds, brazils, and cocoa-dusted almonds.

Calm Subscription

A vast number of people worldwide are dealing with a lot of anxiety and struggle due to pandemic. Calm is an award-winning meditation app that provides daily-programs to help anyone reduce stress and anxiety and help them focus more on the positive side of life.

Calm meditation app is best suited for beginners as well as the experts. Notably, the app is very useful for people who find it challenging to sleep. 

Go to the official website and purchase a one-year gift card- you have two options, two print it out & send via post or attach it in an email.

Yuja Cologne from Jo Malone London


Want to give a unique gift to the birthday boy or girl, then go with the yuga cologne from Jo Malone London. The cologne is covered under the Blossom Limited Edition Collection. The impressive, fresh, clean, and citrus burst from this fragrance is enriching. 

It is one of the most unique and outlandish fragrance. The fruit’s impressive froth is improved via woody depths of cedarwood and soft touch of fir balsam.

BoroughBox luxury wine box from Boroughbox

Boroughbox is one of the most popular online sources for awesome food, drink, homeware, gifts, etc. in London. It delivers some of the most fantastic produce, and its wines are curated by Borough Wines. This highly-reputed wine shop in London is best known because of its hand-picked bottles that you can’t find on the streets.

You have the option to select from red, white, and sparkling wine. Besides wine, you can also choose to send non-alcoholic cocktails, sweet treats, etc. to your loved ones.

Wrapping it Up

These were some of the best gifts that you can deliver directly to your friends and loved ones during the lockdown. Out of all the gifts, a bouquet of flowers is the best gift that you can give anyone to light up their mood.


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