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How to Design the Black and White Kitchen of Your Dreams with Durable Cabinetry?

Sometimes it does pay in the long run to go with a classic color palette for interiors. Take a black and white kitchen for instance.

In recent years, top of the line home decor experts and interior designers have turned their liking towards black and white kitchens. Be it a modern-day farmhouse style or an urban setting; a black and white kitchen can inspire and jive up any cooking space, any day.

And that’s not all. A black and white kitchen also widens your scope to match up with the finest class of cabinetry that is stylish and durable.

Here’s a take on how to go about designing your kitchen space in black and white and pair it up with nice, strong cabinetry to last over years.

Let’s get started!

Picking Your Shade Right

Now that you have decided to design your kitchen in classic colors like black and white, it is important to pick the right shade.

Start by exploring all shades of black and white that a manufacturer has in stock.

One might as well ask, what’s the difference?

Well, a glance might not serve you well enough to differentiate jet black shade from a true black. However, when you put that to use over months and pair it up against white, it will eventually show the delicate differences. Some shades of black are ought to reflect the light with a brownish tinge. For others, they sometimes reflect a toned-down purple or even green hues. Things are brighter and generally more visible during broad daylight.

A good way to select the right shade for your kitchen is to apply the paint in a small corner. Witness how the paint changes and reflects right across the day. This should help you make the final decision.

Countertops And Cabinets

Got a thing for white? Why not make the color the focal point of your kitchen space with black to compliment it?

As of cabinetry, both glass and granite could be your best pick. When working on designing a black and white kitchen, the key lay in the balance. One needs to ensure that it isn’t too dark because of the black.

If you can manage some amount of natural light seeping in, nothing like it. Incorporating sliding doors or skylights is a clever inclusion to balance the black countertop against white cabinets.

If you are on a budget and granite or glass countertops run a little too heavy on your pockets, you might as well settle for compressed wood or chipboard. Both the options are moderately priced and promise great durability against unwanted conditions like dampness. Also, compared to a medium density fibreboard, it is much steadier and lasts for years.

Compressed wood also makes for a great option for all those who are DIY lovers.

Mix-N-Match The Appliances

Besides deciding to buy white kitchen cabinets, or black countertops, consider introducing a dash of black-n-white through appliances as well. It doesn’t have to be an expensive piece.

It could be simple like a white teapot, or a black refrigerator, or white crockeries against your black cabinet. That should reflect the true vibe of a black and white kitchen in the best manner possible.

While the focus should be on the interplay of these two classic shades, never shy away from throwing a bit of color here and there. For instance, a pot of artificial roses in red at a corner to bring about an uncanny charm to the whole surrounding.

The idea is to always keep a window open for experimentation. That way you will always get a chance to widen the horizon of design and achieve a different stance from being conventional.

The Magic of Kitchen Tiles

A black and white kitchen, by all means, remains one of the most sublime choices for a minimalist setting. But hey that’s not all that adds to the charm.

Have you thought of your kitchen tiles?

Well, therein lay an old trick to bring out the charm of any interior space.

Kitchen tiles go a long way to impact the ambiance of your kitchen. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of designer mosaic tiles in a wide array of colors meant exclusively for kitchen spaces.

Undeniably, a black and white kitchen is a classic choice. However, at times it can be a tad boring. Mosaic tiles are a great way to cut down the monotony by offering a whole new vibe.

If you prefer a matte feel, granite or stone tiles will serve the purpose. However, if you want your kitchen to look spacious and bright, glass mosaic tiles will work best.


So, you see, creating a black and white kitchen is not at all difficult. However, it can be a bit tricky as you are playing with two universally complementary colors.

No matter what you do, always remember that your kitchen space should be crafted into a lovable area within the house where you not only cook food but also give shape to some of the happiest moments of your life. Your surroundings, no matter what, should reflect the same spirit by all means.

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