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Covid-19 Fight

There have an old phrase which our elders said in our childhood, If you do a good thing then good things come to you.

Nowadays the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. People in the world are forced to stay in their respective Homes. All International Events either cancel or Postpone due to this dangerous disease. In the current scenario, we do not have any medicine for this cure.

So much buzz is going around the world about COVID-19, Everybody is talking about it and it is quite boring. In this dangerous situation, we can see some good things and learn from them.

People are staying there home and can spend some quality time with there love ones. Playing the childhood game with family-like Antakkshri, Ludo, Carrom, etc. The impotence of hygiene in our life.

Support each other in the current scenario, do whatever you can do for others. Do whatever you want to do but do not trouble the Policeman, Nurse, Doctor.

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