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Tips For Making Quick Money During COVID-19

COVID19 is not just posing a threat to health but also finances. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the entire country is going under the lockdown period, which means house arrest. Some of the people are working from home, but some people cannot do because of the job they have. Being at home round the clock is undoubtedly painful, especially when you do not know how long this situation is likely to continue.

There is no doubt that you have dipped into a large chunk of your savings so far. While there is no further update when the lockdown will be lifted, money becomes an essential subject to think about.

This becomes terrifying when you have outstanding dues for loans from Private lenders UK. Although the lenders have granted the moratorium period, you cannot escape paying interest. Therefore, you will have to figure out ways to earn money while being at home, and fortunately, there are a lot of ways to do so.

Provide Online Classes

If you are a teacher, you can earn money by providing online classes to your students. You need a laptop and a room with a classroom atmosphere. Whether you are a subject teacher or a language tutor, you can provide online classes to anyone. Even if you do not have a teaching background but command at a particular subject or especially language, you can promote it to your neighbourhood. People will not mind having their children taking classes from you. All you need to begin with it is passion and skills.

Offer Food Delivery Service

During the COVID19, some grocery stores are helping people to deliver their food at their doorstep to avoid congregation of people. They need some people who could assist them with the delivery of goods to people. Talk to your nearest stores to know if they need someone to deliver groceries at people’s doorstep.

Sell Old Stuff

Of course, this does not sound as a regular source of income until the lockdown is lifted, but it can allow some cash to flow. If you look around, you will find several items at your home you will not using such as old books, cellphones and electronics. Use Decluttr to sell these items.

Similarly, you can also use online marketplaces to sell handmade items. If any member in your family is an expert at making birthday and anniversary cards or any other handcrafts, you can sell them online to earn some money. This will not let you receive the right amount of money regularly, but something is better than nothing.

Give Career Counselling

Career counselling is the best way to earn money during COVID19. Whether you are expert at marketing or cooking, you can provide advice to those who are aspiring to create a good career. You can find newbies in your neighbourhood who will be interested in taking guidance from you. You will likely find start-up owners who will get benefits from your tips. You can also create a business group on WhatsApp to invite people to join you if they are interested.

Be a Freelancer

During this pandemic, freelance services are not being affected. As the entire work needs to be done online, you can do it at your home anytime you want. There are various freelance sites offering projects like scriptwriting, copywriting, video editing, ghost-writing, content writing, graphic designing, web designing, web developing etc. You can find some other services as well. Dive into the freelance sites to see if you have skills to grab a particular type of projects.

Social Media Management

There are some companies, especially start-ups who will need social media experts to drive traffic to users. No doubt, this time leads will be sluggish, but companies must be able to maintain enough traffic to their websites.

If you are expert at building a brand reputation on social media platforms, you should approach companies. Freelancing apps can help you reach out to companies who need social media managers.

During COVID-19, your finances are undoubtedly at stake. If you use the ways mentioned above, you will have some cash to recover the gap in your savings. Further, it will be easier to make repayments.

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