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How Important is A/B Testing As Website Development Services?

You may think that the website is enough for you to build a link between your business and customers. But, when there are several websites in the market following all the trends to stand out, the probability of getting conversion turns low. How will you be able to thrive in such a situation?

The website optimized from the view-point of conversion can help you survive here. However, just by seeing the layout of your website, you can’t decide if this layout is going to work or not. That’s where the role of A/B testing comes into the picture.

Before telling you the values of A/B testing, let me brief you about A/B testing.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is often referred to as split testing. A/B testing is the extended part of website development services that enable you to compare two distinct versions of the layout of the web page. The two variations of the same web page are designed with some minor changes.

Let’s say, the colour of the CTA button changes to blue when highlighted, and in other versions, it turns to black. Or, you can create one of the designs with the light mode of theme and another in the dark mode.

Once you’ve created the two versions, you implement one of them at a time. Using tools like Google Analytics, you try to fetch the variation in traffic in different variations. After analyzing that data, webmasters drive the conclusions that which layout is performing better. You are getting your website designed from the web development agency because you want to establish your professional value in the market.

What Are The Advantages of A/B Testing?

Minimize Client Disputes:

The design layout of the website is one of the most questionable things. Unless the client provides the website design, you will spend a lot of time updating the changes. We have been serving in the IT industry for more than a decade now, and we know that it takes a lot of your energy in finalizing the design of the website. The toughest task is convincing the clients with the reasons to choose the current layout. When you offer A/B testing as a web development services, you already create a few layouts of the web page. The options that you provide after A/B testing are well tested and one with stats. This enables the clients to choose the design that can be best for their business. When they already have the reporting for different website layouts, there are hardly any conflicting points. In this way, you can minimize client disputes and handle your projects without any hassles.

Increase the Count of Satisfied Customers:

It’s a common notion in the industry that A/B testing is the task of the marketing team. Since split testing talks about conversion rate optimization, the belief is still holding. However, A/B testing as a part of web development services empowers you to over-deliver to your clients. You not only offer basic reporting to your clients. Instead, your reports talk about the designs that can improve the conversion rate of your business. The design variations are created considering the industry standards, colour psychology, trending notions, and several other factors. When clients know the reason behind their choice of layout, and they are getting the performance-optimized site ready, they are satisfied with your services. And, more will be the count of satisfied customers, more swift will be your business.

Makes Your Portfolio Stronger:

Though A/B testing takes a bit more of your time, it empowers to create design standards for different buyer personas and requirements. Based on the end goals of your users, you identify the bottlenecks for their target industry and draft a hypothesis to create the layouts of your web pages. Even when every client is unique, the strategies can be helpful for several other businesses in the future. Thus, you can use your hypothesis of the current case to create fantastic case studies. This can please your potential clients and attract more opportunities for your web development company.

Now, when you know much about A/B testing, you must seek out companies offering A/B testing as a part of web development services. Be the cost of the package higher than the regular ones, but a website optimized from the view-point of conversion is a way better than merely getting a website designed for your business. When you are discussing your project requirements with the web development company, you can talk about A/B testing offered as a service or not. If you have a project to discuss, you can write to us at

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