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10 Tips For Choosing The Best Website Designing Company In 2020

So you have recently built a business, and looking to design a website that fits your needs? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. This article will help you select the right website company to get your website up and running perfectly.

But before selecting a website design company, you might have stumbled upon the websites that let you design a website for free. So are they any good or you should hire an agency to build your website? Let’s discuss.

Online Website Builders VS Website Design Agency

There’s no doubt that the online website builders are a perfect option for those not having the budget to hire an agency. But do these website builders give you the complete control on your website? Probably not.

So, what gives you complete control over your website?

Your own coded website or a website builds on a customizable framework like WordPress.

Having a website designed by the company will make you the owner of your website code, and gives your website unlimited possibilities for customizations.

But, Before you spend even a single dime on any web design company, there are several factors that you might want to consider.

So, without wasting any time, let’s see what are those factors that would help you choose the best website designing company in 2020.

Qualities of a Perfect Website Designing Company

1. Have Tons of Designs to Choose From (Layouts)

A good website designing company will first fetch your designing requirements and then let you select from some great templates/layouts they have for your website. The layouts are based on their previous work. However, if you have a customized requirement, feel free to let them know.

2. Have a Great Content Writing Team

A team of great content writers can add great value to the website design with some quality web content. One of the best qualities of a website designing company is to have a team experienced in content writing.

3. Knows How to Make the Site SEO Friendly

A website design company should know all the technical aspects of SEO and make the website search engine friendly. This could include factors like less loading time (less than 5 seconds), Minified Code (HTML, JS, CSS), compressed images, SEO-Friendly URLs, and more.

4. Knows How to Prevent the Website from Attacks

The website code could be manipulated by hackers to gain access to your website. A good website development team should know how to secure a website from malicious attacks.

5. Gives You Complete Control

Many web design agencies do not give you access to the cpanel or the website code. Make sure you hire a website design company that gives you complete control over your website and it’s files.

6. Mobile Friendly Website (Responsive Website)

a good website designing company will make sure that your website design is completely responsive to any device. Be it phone, tablet or a device of any resolution.

7. Great UX/UI

One of the most important factor to consider in a website is the User Experience it provides. If the design is cringeworthy, you might face a hard chance in converting your visitors in the leads. Always make sure the company you hire must have a good experience with providing amazing user-interface on the websites.

8. Portfolio

A good web design company would have worked on a lot of projects and won’t be reluctant to show their previous work to you. Make sure you check out the portfolio section on their website before getting started.

9. Affordable Web Designing

With the rise in the competition of website builders and frameworks, a website design company should not charge you anything out of the market rates. Make sure they have a customizable quote based on the features that you require in a website.

10. Offer Maintenance When Required

It’s a responsibility of a good website company to offer at least one month’s free maintenance once the website is delivered to the client.


All these qualities are present in this website designing company in Delhi. A website designing company having all these qualities is a perfect fit for your business in 2020. If you are confused about how to select a company with all these qualities, hire Manush Digitech for your website designing project and you won’t be disappointed (pro tip). Manush Digitech has all the qualities mentioned in this article. We researched the company so you don’t have to.

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