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What is Content Pillars? Explained in Detail

Creating A Lot Of Content Pillar Is Not Easy

Indeed, according to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, which has proven that producing enough content on your site is the biggest challenge for B2B marketers. This is not entirely surprising when you consider the need for Mississauga SEO experts to create content to provide social media, e-marketing campaigns, paid campaigns, blogs, e-books, and more.

As it is not difficult to create high-quality content for all of your distribution channels.

The Bigger Is Not Always The Best

Recently, the Marketing Board (CMO) has developed a large indicative paper on content marketing and how organizations use content to increase traffic, leads, and revenue. Only one part is what caught my eye:

“Although big reports still have a place, the ideas they generate need to be presented in a wide range of easily consumable media types. A recent study by Deloitte on the future of productivity in Canada included a major report consisting of about 60 pages, [says Colin Albiston, CMO from Deloitte in Canada].

Its marketing team has also created graphs, animations, social media, and other content that have reached a wider audience of key decision-makers and influencers. It says the result has been a massive increase in full report downloads and a doubling of media impressions and news coverage.”

At Deloitte, they provided a portion of their reporting content that covered the concepts in their report longer and more in detail. By offering smaller and more marketable tales within the company, they saw an increase in downloads and site and media traffic. This is the number of people who share your content, enter contact information on your site in exchange for these reports, and convert from a site visitor to a known contact you have that you can target in your ads or even become a potential customer.

This 60-page report is an ideal example of a large portion of the content being broken down into smaller, more-consuming pieces of content to reach a wider audience and attract new eyes. But even the above example can take you one step further. Through careful planning, these large portions of the content can become the foundations of your successful marketing campaigns. Which we call content pillars.

What Is A Content Pillar?

The content column is a basic and useful part of the content on a specific topic or topic that can be divided into several parts, tools, and derived materials. Examples of content columns include e-books, reports, and guides.

Basically, it’s a big chunk of content that you can convert into many smaller chunks of content to supply all of those channels you’re currently struggling to fill in together. By focusing your attention on creating a single content column, it is easy to split this final part into posts on your blog, charts, videos, emails and updates to your business on social media and others, with the aim of attracting different types of buyers through different channels such as SEO or websites Social Media.

This method is an effective and proven way to cover all aspects of your content – and deliver the right content to the right buyer at the right time.

Looks good, right?

Plan To Start Efficiently

The first step in planning your content column is to know how to create a larger portion of the content, and to develop a strategy on how to get the most out of each section of this content.

Let’s use an e-book as an example. Usually, you will want to interview the people the book is intended to get comments on the topics you are covering. You will also write the text that expands according to specific ideas and includes best practices and how. You will probably collect data to back up these claims and create an infographic for display in the e-book.

Whew! It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Well, before we dive in, let’s think about how to turn every mission into content gold mines.

When you do interviews, why not hire a photographer to capture their answers as a video? After that, you can not only use their answers and include them in the text within your ebook, but you can also create videos on specific topics covered in the e-book to enhance your content and support and support your organization as an independent thinker leader. You can also write a blog post on every video produced, and you can then share it on social media. Blog posts and related videos can also be included in your marketing automation campaigns.

From just one piece of the e-book, you have lots of Content Pillars derivative pieces that fill your blog, and social marketing channels. You also reach out to buyers in different formats, and you can test what works best for your audience to further improve communication in the future. The same goes for infographic text. Paste the text into different sections and convert them into blog posts and emails. Post the publication diagram, or write a promotional article about it on a site that influences your audience and is known to meet your target audience’s needs.

By organizing and planning your columns for Content Pillar so that it can be divided into more consuming pieces of content for your target audience, you will get more marketing opportunities for your site or company.

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