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How to Host a Website: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

A website is visible or accessible on the internet to visitors all over the world when it is stored on the webserver. The server is the webspace that is provided to websites by the web hosting services companies. Create a website is not enough for online business because one has to avail web hosting services to make their websites accessible to the visitors.

There is numerous website hosting agencies from which hosting services can be availed by anyone. If you are also thinking to create your own website but don’t know how to host a website, then here is the best and stepwise guide for beginners. Let’s go through it and know how to host a website in a trouble-free manner and boost your business. Let’s start and first of all know:

What Do You Mean By Website Hosting?

Hosting a website means you have to put your site on the server so that it can be easily accessed by everyone around the world. The web server does the special work for making your website accessible publically.

The job of a web server is to respond to incoming requests and responds by making your website accessible to the user’s browser. It may sound like technical work to you but don’t take the tension of it because you don’t have anything to do with it. There are thousands of web hosting companies from which you can avail best web hosting services for your website.

You are not the one who avail such service for your website. Almost every website on the internet avail the web hosting services from the trusted company except Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. These companies have their own hosting.

Let’s move further explore here the interesting guide for beginners to professionals:

Step By Step Guide: How to Host a Website

  1. Acquaint Types Of Web Hosting Services
  2. Choose The Right Hosting Plan For Your Website
  3. Research And Select Site Hosting Platforms
  4. Select A Trusted Web Hosting Service Agency
  5. Choose The Right Website Hosting Plan
  6. Purchase Of Domain Name Is Must

1. Acquaint Types of Web Hosting Services

The very first step for hosting your website is to acquaint with the types of web hosting services. See, every website has different types of audiences. There is less or huge traffic on any website. By analyzing how much traffic your website is going to have chosen the web hosting services. Let’s understand how many types of web hosting services are available.

4 Types of Web Hosting Services

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is appropriate, especially for small businesses or start-ups websites. Even for the blogs’ website, it works well. It is ideal hosting for such websites because it reduces the cost of hosting. One server resources can be used by multiple websites. There is no confusion between website owners because they manage their own accounts separately. But there is a limitation to them that they can’t access advanced controls. Also, this kind of hosting problem started when the traffic on the website increases.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for virtual private server hosting. Work by dividing the server into different virtual compartments so that they can function independently. It is one of the best hosting services that have high capabilities to handle traffic and pricing is also low.

Have you heard about cloud hosting? If so, it falls under this category. It is better than shared hosting in terms of handling traffic on the website. Let’s understand it like this:

If shared hosting is an apartment building, then virtual private server hosting can be said townhouse. Here space is divided into independent functional units.

Dedicated Hosting

This kind of hosting is best for the big websites which would deal with the huge traffic. Dedicated hosting is expensive because the entire server is dedicated to the single user. Mostly larger companies avail dedicated hosting services. Here maximum customization, security, and flexibility features are available.

You can understand it like- Dedicated hosting is like a separate house where an owner has full control over entire space or aspects.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This kind of hosting is specially made for hosting WordPress websites. The best part of this hosting is that the hosting company takes care of caching, backups, and vital updates of the site. If you have the WordPress website, then it works well for you because only you have to pay attention to creating effective and high-quality content and grow your business. After all, other hosting related important tasks are handled by the web hosting agency.

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2. Choose The Right Hosting Plan For Your Website

The next step is to choose the right hosting play for your website. Hope you have understood it well for the about told step about the different server configuration. Also, you have little idea about the pricing of the hosting plan. So make the right choice and choose the right website hosting services according to your business type. It is advised to start with the low cost hosting i.e. shared hosting. You can upgrade the hosting as your business starts to grow.

3. Research And Select Site Hosting Platforms

Another step is the most important one because it will play a major role in making your website stable, user-friendly, and famous. It is quite a daunting task i.e. choosing the website hosting platforms. When there are hundreds of hosting platforms are available in the market, selecting the one for your business is a little difficult.

First of all, do the sincerer research and find the best web hosting platform for your hosting your website. For better and fast page load speed and reliable websites, an outstanding web hosting platform is required.

There are some famous web hosting platforms such as:

  • Hostinger
  • BlueHost
  • GoDaddy
  • A2 hosting
  • Interserver
  • DreamHost etc.

Apart from this, there are several web hosting platforms are available you can choose as per your budget and need.

4. Select A Trusted Web Hosting Service Agency

Now, it is the step where you have to choose the professional web hosting service provider for your website. Don’t attract cheap services because just to save a couple of dollars, you may get a huge loss in your business. So, always go for the best web hosting agency. Now you are thinking about how to know which the best hosting company is. So, here are some factors are mentioned. Consider all the factors before availing of the service. If all the factors go right with any company, then you can hire web hosting services from that particular agency.

  • Bandwidth
  • Customer Support Service
  • Uptime
  • Other Vital Features


Bandwidth is the amount of data that a visitor gets from your website over a period of time. Your website needs bandwidth according to traffic on site. First, analyse how much traffic your website will get and then choose the bandwidth according to that. So, while choosing the web hosting agency for your website, you have to check whether that specific company is providing the bandwidth that is required by your site or not. If yes, then only go for further processing with that company.

Customer Support Service

It is important to avail the services of the website hosting company that offers good customer support service. It may not feel necessary to start but later you would realize how important it is to have the ability to contact directly to the company in case of need or any suggestion. If something goes wrong, then you can fix the issue by contacting the customer support of the company without wasting time. So, it is very vital to avail of site hosting services from a reliable company that offers excellent customer support.


It is the time a company is available for users over a specific period of time. It means how long your website will be store on the web hosting company server and run.

There are several website analytics tools are available that you can use for tracking the uptime of your site once your website is live.

Other Vital Features

You have to check out what the other special feature of the website hosting provider. Other features include custom email addresses, advanced SEO features, online bookings, and others.

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5. Choose The Right Website Hosting Plan

When you are ready with the best website hosting services provider, then it’s time to take a glance at the different hosting plans that the company offers. You must calculate your budget first for it and then approach the planning sector.

Choose the plan that perfectly suits your budget and company site’s requirements. It is necessary to check out the plans seriously because choosing the wrong plan may cause loss to your business.

Note: Not always attract the cheapest plan. You have to analyze what features will be there and will these features serve in the best possible way for your site.

6. Purchase of Domain name is must

This is the last step of how to host a website. Now register a domain name for your website for the exposure of it. You don’t have to think much about how much a domain name costs or other things because there are several web hosting platforms which provide free domain registration for the first year. So, purchase the ideal domain name for your website and let it give them wings to your online business.

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