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Kudremukh – The Horse Face

If you’re uninterested in your monotonous add the Tech-hub of India- urban center, then fret not, there’s an exquisite trek near. Kudremukh trek, a brief two days trek may be an excellent getaway and an opportunity to induce greeted by endless inexperienced hills, thick forest covers, and gurgling streams. Little doubt about why Kudremukh is commonly thought of because of the chain of mountains of the south. The third highest peak in Karnataka, when Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri, Kudremukh may be a part of the Western Ghats, is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kudremukh virtually interprets into “Horse’s Mouth” and has been named this because of its peculiar form resembling the mouth of a horse.

Difficulty – Moderate

Max Altitude – 1894m

Approx Trekking kilometer – twenty km (to and fro)

Base Camp – Mullodi

The Starting Point of Kudremukh Trek

Route: Bangalore – Kalasa – Balgal – Mullodi – Kudremukh – Mullodi

Though Mangalore happens to be the closest flying field and terminal for this explicit expedition, nonetheless the trip is most ordinarily made from the urban center. Mangalore is a hundred thirty kilometer away whereas the urban center is roughly 350 kilometer. You’ll line up at the urban center-Horanadu buses at the Bangalore stop and acquire down at Kalasa in approximately seven hours. From Kalasa, you wish to rearrange for one more vehicle to require you to Balgal, which is around 10kms away. You want to require permits (costs around Rs275, while not Guide) for the trek from this village itself. Mullodi, the bottom camp, is once more a five-kilometer auto ride from Balgal.


The Kudremukh peak may be a part of the Kudremukh Trek, that is primarily created from steep hills and valleys. Regarding 12kms from Kalasa is that this stunning falls referred to as Elaneeru, which interprets into sweet water/coconut water. If you have got enough time, be sure to visit this place and style the water. You’ll be stunned to seek out that it stands faithful to its name. On your thanks to Elaneeru, you’ll conjointly notice another fall, that is as stunning as a painting. Don’t get inundated, as a result of the simplest is saved for the last.

The trekking path to Kudremukh from Mullodi boasts of many fascinating views, every different from the opposite. You shall be hiking with clouds and generally higher than clouds. You’ll conjointly come upon the attractive Somvati stream, variety of breath-taking waterfalls, and of course to not forget occasional plantation farms. Conjointly crabs and deers are quite standard during this space then you’ll spot a variety of them. Another issue that is pretty common up here within the monsoons, area unit the leeches. Check that you’re well ready for them.

The landscape conjointly changes throughout the summer/monsoon and winter seasons. Throughout the summer and storms the grasses on the natural depression area unit lush inexperienced in color. But from Gregorian calendar month forwards, the color starts becoming reminder brown.

Trekking Route for Kudremukh: Mullodi – Kudremukh – Mullodi (22 Kms, 8-9 hours)

After Associate in Nursing long journey from an urban center, initiate as early as you’ll from Mullodi. Most guides won’t wish to require you to the highest once it’s dark. There are not any inhabitants facilities at Kudremukh. Thus you have got to stay ample time in your hands to descend before it gets dark. The ascent to Kudremukh itself takes 4-5 hours.

The whole path passes through the tropical rainforests and if you travel in monsoon, you’ll use the water from the gurgling streams for drinking functions. The peaks at the Kudremukh park appear to approach nearer as you climb higher.

The first vital purpose of the trek is the Lobo House. Lobo home is a straightforward four-kilometer walk from the start line. However, from the Lobo House, the landscape starts obtaining vessels and therefore the ascent continues up to 1.5 kms, i.e. until Ontimara. From Ontimara the climb gets troublesome until the tip of the Zig-zag path and takes roughly around two hours to be lined. Currently that you have reached the ultimate purpose of the Zig-zag road, there’s one final moderate level ascent to the height of Kudremukh. the space being 1.5 km, it mustn’t take you quite 1-1.5 hours to achieve the summit.

After payment also capturing some unforgettable moments at the highest, bid a sweet adios to the present untouched, unblemished fantastic thing about Karnataka and head down to the village of Mullodi.

Best Time to Try Kudremukh Trek

The best time for this expedition is November-December. This is often the time once the grasses area unit inexperienced, roads area unit dry, and therefore the weather is pleasant. Post-December, the greenery transforms to brown hues, whereas in summer seasons it gets troublesome to trek with the brilliant sun shining right over the pinnacle. In monsoons, the landscape is at its best, nonetheless, the roads are unit muddy beside a lot of leeches on them.

Cellular Property at Kudremukh

Only BSNL networks add the Kudremukh region. however, since throughout the trek you’ll be walking through dense jungles, the network property is unreliable and thin. At Kasana, however, there’s a reliable cellular property for many sims.

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