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Delicious and Homemade Protein Shake

For those who want to build muscles and have the right amount of protein, have you tried making protein shakes at home? Yes! At home! We will share some of the easiest and tastiest recipes that will help you make protein shakes that are not only rich in nutrients but also delicious. Protein shakes work wonders when it comes to reducing your hunger pangs.

Here are some recipes have a look:

1. Chilled Chocolate Protein Shake

The ingredients required to make this instant mood booster chocolate shake are one finely chopped apple, one tbsp almond button, one tbsp dark chocolate (grated), one cup of skimmed milk (200ml) and  three pitted dates. The most important ingredient that you can’t miss is two scoops of whey protein powder (chocolate flavour). You can choose any whey powder of your choice, however, we like to use MuscleBlaze Whey Gold protein powder which is rich in nutrients and helps in lean muscle building. Mix all the ingredients in a blend and serve it with some ice cubes along with the grated dark chocolates on top of it.

2. Peanut Butter and Banana Protein Shake

The peanut butter and banana protein shake is rich in protein and is an excellent post-workout meal, as it can help in rapid recovery of muscles. The ingredients required to make this delicious drink are two medium sized ripe bananas, one tbsp of cocoa powder, two scoops of peanut butter, two scoops of whey protein powder, two cups of Greek yogurt, ½ cup of skimmed milk or soy milk, and one tbsp of chia seeds. Mix the banana, milk, peanut butter, yogurt and protein powder in a blender. Pour the shake in a glass and add the chia seeds to it, mix them well. While serving add some cocoa powder on top of the shake to make it even more tasty.

3. Oatmeal Protein Smoothie

Oatmeals are rich in fibre and keep you fuller for a longer time. However, the taste of oats isn’t that delightful so to make it delicious and more nutritious we can use a flavoured whey protein powder. To make a yummy and healthy oatmeal smoothie you will need half a cup of powdered oatmeal, one cup of almond milk( about 200ml), any fruit of your choice like banana or strawberry, a fist full of nuts and two scoops of whey powder. Blend all the above mentioned ingredients properly into a blender until it becomes smooth and creamy. You can add some ice cubes if you want to make a refreshing summer smoothie or simply skip it. If you have a sweet tooth, then you can add one teaspoon of honey to your shake but strictly avoid sugar.

These delicious homemade protein shakes are made using natural ingredients and high quality protein powders, so they are healthy and tasty at the same time. You can find a lot of protein powder supplements in the market and some of the best whey protein brands are MuscleBlaze, ON, Myprotein, Inlife, etc. Do not worry about the whey protein price as you can get these supplements at discounted price from online stores like Amazon, HealthKart or you can MuscleBlaze Coupon Code for an additional discount on MuscleBlaze website. Do try them at home and let us know if you liked it.

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