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The Bond Between The Brother-Sister Grow Stronger With The Time

Brother and sisters, the life of the family. Siblings are like Tom and Jerry, who fight with each other, but can’t live without each other.  This is the only bond, where the elder one always teases the younger one, by saying adopted. This is the relationship, where the older one can beat the younger one. But no one else can say anything to his or her younger sibling. This is the bond where the older one gets an unpaid servant, in the face of younger siblings. And the younger one gets unconditionally support and love, in the face of older siblings. This is the bond where after fighting with each other all day.  Brother or sister doesn’t forget to order midnight cake & Flower Delivery in Mysore, on the birthday of brother or sister. Don’t forget to have Bloomsvilla birthday cake, for his or her brother and sister. 

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You know, to make relationships we all need lots of time.  To trust each other, even to do friendship. But this is a relationship, where you don’t need to do anything. Everything happens automatically. In childhood, siblings fight for parent’s attention, love, and toys. But they also share with each other. Every fun they do together homework to party. I remember, when my younger brother was born, grandma told me, he is your brother. You don’t believe what I said that time, I said who is he please take him back in that garbage. I thought he had come from garbage, and now everyone will only love him. I thought my mom will forget. But you know, what happens after some days, I started loving him. And today, I love him so much, he is my best friend, he knows all my secrets. So this is the bond of siblings and childhood memories. Older sibling always becomes an unpaid teacher, for the younger siblings. And, younger siblings always be the shadow of an older sibling.  Here I am talking about the relationship between, brother and sister. When they enter in the childhood, the bond becomes stronger.  Now, they become each guide and emotional support system. 

In teenagers, children start controlling their emotions.  Now, they both start sharing their feelings, and problems with each other, instead of parents. They share life secrets with each other. They both share their love life to careers. It is said, a sister becomes the second mother to her brother. And brother becomes the second father to his sister. You know, this doesn’t matter who is younger, and who is older. 


Childhood to teenager both of them fights a lot. They say each other when you will go somewhere else. One day, they both have to separate, that time they start meeting each other. They both have to separate for their higher studies, for the job, and after the wedding.  When the sister’s wedding occurs, the one who cries a lot is her brother. It is said, distance can’t break that relationship, which made by heart. This is so true, and here this bond is by heart and blood too. After getting married, still, their love remains the same.  Now, they both can’t meet each other every day. Now, brother can’t tease her every time. But the love between brother and sister only increase. Now, they meet on Rakhi and other festivals. And you know what, now the value of Rakhi increases million times, than before. Still, she wants gifts on Rakhi, but now she doesn’t have to fight for the gift from a month ago. 

You know, time changes their priorities changes. But that emotion, care for each other remains the same. Now, maybe they don’t celebrate each other every birthday together. But they both don’t forget to send flowers and cake, on the birthday. They don’t forget to send gifts, and birthday bouquet.  Maybe distance forces them to live separately. But this, social media keeps them closer. And these e-commerce sites, help them to send love through gifts. 

So this is the beauty of siblings bond. And you have seen every stage of their life. I am sure you all will relate to it.  I am sure you all have gone through it, or some people going through it. 

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